You are asking again when your moment to shine is going to come, aren’t you?

Yes, I understand you have been working hard and trying so hard to get YOUR people to pay you attention and yet, they are not doing it.  And I feel for you, I really do because I know what it feels like to be pushing, testing, trying and doing all kinds of things to make my business work and to see that it just never seems to happen as quickly as you want it too.

It is frustrating and you start looking for magic bullets, looking for solutions from anyone that promises anything to you.

And it is just depressing, annoying and demoralising.

You look at others and see what seems to be the easy success they are having and you wonder why it is not easy for you!  Why are things not working out the way you want them to be?  I get it.

But at the same time, I don’t get it because I look at you and I see a successful person already.  Yes, you have not yet got this thing that you are putting all your thoughts and focus on but it really is a yet.  You are the kind of person that creates success.

In fact, you have created success in other areas.  Why doubt that you have what it takes to create this?

There is no call for doubt, there is just a call to be determined and focused and keep taking the next step.

And please just stop listening to those other people – Get into your own bubble and stay on track because they will tell you to chill out, to be like the other people taking the broad path of ease and comfort NOW instead of creating the dream of luxurious comfort that you have for you and yours, the dream of changing lives.

They will tell you that you are not being fully present.  They will tell you that you cannot be happy with all this pushing and yet, you are.  You feel pretty darned good about pishing yourself to the limit and seeing if there even is one.

I get that some days, you look at others and wish you could be as peaceful and satisfied as they are.

BUT YOU CAN’T and I give you permission to see that it is okay.

Everything you want is within your reach, honey!

It really is but you have to find a way to stay on path and stop getting distracted by all the shiny pennies and the thoughts that you need to be something other than the action taking super person that you are.

1.Decide what you want today.

Don’t hold back, thinking that you cannot have it.

Don’t hold back, thinking that this is all too airy-fairy for you.  I get it, you have a bias for action and you do not want to keep navel-gazing forever.  Great!  I spent far too much time in the clouds instead of just getting down to work before I properly started business.  I kept listening to people who were not doing what I wanted to do so I relaxed.  I was a pharmacist, right?  So why did I have all these big ideas?  Why not just be happy with what you have? or so they kept asking and I took the broad path and wasted such a lot of time.

Thankfully, I know better now.  Do not make the same mistake.  You need both the clarity and the action but for this point, we start with the clarity you have today.

Write it all out – the whole vision you are currently creating.  Get excited again.  Do this daily and get more and more specific about things. How many lives do you want your business to change?  Get specific about it?  How much money do you want to make?  Where do you want to live?  What do you want to drive?  Who do you want to share the vision with?  What countries do you want to visit?

What kind of customers do you want?

Do not put limits on the vision.  Write it all out.  Own it.  Have a strong intention to create it and also to make it clearer and clearer as you ‘grow up’.

What rules are you allowing to stop you?  Rules about what it means to be a parent?  Rules about what it takes to be a loving partner?  Discard any of them that hold you back from just getting on and doing what you want to do.

2. Keep Taking Action Today!

So… what is the next step?

YOu may not know this so to be very clear: Understand that you will not have total clarity yet.  In fact, it is an ongoing revelation.  It is the action, the small steps that help make you more clear and also get you the results.

You can think and think and dream and learn and do everything else except do the work and guess what?, all you get is your dream in your head.  Those thoughts MUST translate into action even before you are clear.

Even if you do not know completely what your ONE thing, your purpose is, you must still keep walking forward – testing this, trying that, eliminating things you KNOW you do not want to do and replacing them with things you DO want to do.

Eliminating things that you are attached to making work when it is evident that they are not working and deliberately trying new things all the time to get the result you want.

It is the DOING that gets you the result.

And I know you love to do.  In fact as already mentioned, you do SOOOO much that you scare the people around you.  They think you are pushing too hard and yes, there are days when you do feel pretty demoralised and fed up, but honey, you have to keep going.

Success is not a giant leap.  Although we all keep hoping that it is.  Success is a series of tiny steps taken time and time and time again.  On the clear days and on the murky days, you keep moving forward. You just KNOW that the vision you are creating is sooo worth the movement.  I CANNOT EMPHASIZE this enough.

You must move and you must be unattached to how what you want, comes to you.

You set the intention and you keep moving forward.

Do you want to know exactly what you need to do to create that first thousand in your online business?  Sign up for the blueprint I am putting together for you at

It is time to create the life and the business that you want because you can and you are doing it now as you stay on path and make it all a project that you keep working on.

Begin, Begin, BEGIN!


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