Becoming an Empowered Woman Ready to Serve the World

Empowered Woman…? What does the term mean to you?

Do you ever think about what the world would look like if each one of us ladies took control of our lives and chose to live as an Empowered woman?  I do!  I think about it all the time and I get excited.  Excited about the possibilities now, excited about the changes we could see in generations to come.

Empowered woman

I spent a great deal of my life living in circumstances where women were not empowered.  No, in fact women were expected to be second fiddle all the time.  In lots of places, this is still the case.  Even now that I live in the UK, women still are fighting for flexibility, equal pay, equal work rights and more.  It is certainly a worldwide phenomenon to be the underdogs.

However, enough is enough.

Mum in Business is about helping you become an empowered woman.  It is about taking ladies from where they are now to where they want to be.  These ladies may feel that life has dealt them a horrid blow and now they want the chance to make something of themselves.  Or you may just be a woman, usually but not always, a mother who wants more for your life.

You are not content to be the underdogs anymore.

You want to be successful in all aspects of life, not just business though that is usually the starting place.

You are discontent with life as it stands right now and you know you can create a better future for you and your family.

You have been kept down by other people placing limitations on you but now you realise there is so much more to you and you want to make things happen.

You recognise the need to invest in yourself – Time and Money – You have no time to mess around floundering so you get support early on in your journey so you can move quickly.

You have a passion to succeed for YOURSELF and also because you can see others around you who are floundering.  You want to help them move forward, you want to create jobs, give them the opportunity for education, you want to reduce things like teenage pregnancy, vaginal mutilation, child marriage, unequal work rights, obesity, domestic violence and more.

You have a passion to succeed because you know your business provides something your community needs.

You know that learning to live your best life now is of utmost importance so that you can get on with other things and inspire others to do the same.

You know that it is not up to the government to make a difference.  You know that YOU are responsible for the way you live, and YOU are the only one who can change your attitude, your perspective, your direction and ultimately, your personal wealth.

You are willing to face your fears and step away from your comfort zone to become the woman you know you are created to be.

Reading this excites you because you feel like someone is speaking right into your heart.

If this is you, then welcome to the journey of Mum in Business – a place for the soon-to-be  or already Empowered Woman everywhere.  I look forward to working with you to reach your goals.  Go over to the Coaching page.  Claim your first free session then choose the level you would like to work at going forward.

Lets go!

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