Be You – Every other single person on the planet is taken and anyway, YOU ARE A LEADER! Right?!

Be YouHas anyone ever called you rebellious before? Has anyone ever told you to reduce your expectations and just be content?

Has it made you feel ashamed about being yourself? Has it made you put up with nonsense because you just wanted to be liked?

Yes?????    Me Too!

At heart, I am rebellious (well, ‘they’ say I am – I just like to go my own way 🙂 ) and I used to think it was something to be ashamed of. I never quite fit into people’s expectations of me and now?…  I am cool with it. (at least most of the time, I am!)

When I am truly me, I do the stuff that others say is impossible.

  • I married the white dude who had not been to University yet and we have created an amazing life together with our 3 princesses.
  • I decided to give up on being catholic (Too Many questions) and choose my own path instead. I have an amazing relationship with the God of the Universe that informs all that I do.
  • I moved away from home when most African girls would stay home under the thumb of their parents – I chose to be my own person early.
  • I went into business even though no one thought I could and I have built 2 successful businesses and I help others do the same.
  • I was never the classic African girl that toed the line and spent time learning how to cook and now I refuse to clean the house any more when I can help it, I employ a housekeeper.
  • I am creating a life that does not include as many of my relatives as it used to and I am cool with that and Life is so much more peaceful 🙂 ! 
  • I gave birth to two of my kids at home ( My relatives thought I was crazy for doing that – supposedly not safe and all).  I ‘rebelled’ and did it and the births went great.
  • I refuse to send my girls to school and people think I am crazy and making life tough on myself but I love the life we are living together (except the times when I want to kill them, of course – I am human, you know 🙂 ).  We get to go off and do whatever whenever we want to!  No crazy submission to headteachers for us!  Yippee!!

I am just tired of being told what to do and when to do it. Do you sometimes feel like that?


Yep, it takes some cahunas to break free of the mould your friends and family want you to live in. And you will battle through some feelings of fear and you will even feel scared that you will end up alone… And yes, some friends will avoid you because you are now too much into money or personal development or business or some other crazy excuse along those lines.


And yet, despite all that, you know that there is SO MUCH more to you and trying to fit in some other person’s mould all the time is just plain annoying. And it makes you feel like you are disappearing and you are FED UP of it.


  • FED UP of the guilt.


  • FED UP of shutting yourself down all the time.


  • FED UP of others pretending they know you better than you know yourself.


  • FED UP of being smaller and smaller each day as you try to fit in with the crowd.


YES, I know you are scared, I know you are not sure if you are being too selfish as you become the person you really are and yet…


I am telling you that the only way to be a leader, the only way to love people fully, the only way to live to your full potential, the ONLY way to truly serve is to BE YOU.


Fully, completely YOU!


I am still on the journey and there are days when it is easy to just give one platitude or the other, to sell myself short, to say the safe thing so that everyone likes me but it gets tiring – SO INCREDIBLY TIRING.




So, Enough already!

Let’s create our own ideal lives and stop trying to fit into other people’s ideas for us.

And I promise you, you will live a more fulfilled, happy life where you serve more people than you are doing now and you will wonder why you ever thought you were being selfish!

BE YOU! Lets change the world!

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