You are more powerful than you are showing

Self-doubt has you in its grasp

You have big ideas of all you want to make happen

But you keep holding on to struggle

You know struggle

Struggle feels safe

It is predictably hard

There are no surprises with struggle

If you could be completely truthful with yourself, you would admit that you kinda like struggle but you do not admit it.  Who would ever admit that?!

However, there it is.

It is not challenging to you anymore

You wake up and you struggle with whatever your current struggle is

And so, you don’t have to face the self-doubt when you are stuck in the struggle

You don’t have to face too much fear when you are in the struggle

Struggle is just normal

It is just what you are used to.

You can drown out the struggle with lots of desperate prayer or drugs or alcohol or food or church activities or just being in everyone’s drama

You can use the struggle as your reason never to do anything that challenges you

But do you really want to?

Do you really want to continue to blame your current situation on the struggle?

Or would you prefer to transcend it?

This makes for hard reading, I know.

You may want to tell me how I don’t know your story

You may want to tell me that you have tried everything.

YOu may want to tell me it is about the money or the parents or the children or the partner or the pandemic…

All reasonable sounding but all just keep you stuck – DO YOU WANT TO STAY THERE?

Honey, enough with the stories of why you cannot…

It is time to be the hero in your own life

You are the only one that can change things.


So, if you are done with the stories and are ready to ditch self doubt & struggle so you can be the hero in your own life and flicks the switch to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life , come join me in 28 DAYS TO REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE



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