BE THE CHANGE – Take 100% ownership of your life experience

Be the changeMost people (the 98%) are waiting for someone or something external to make their life experience better. They keep hoping that one day, some great powerful leader will step up and change everything.


This powerful person will speak a few words, take a few actions and suddenly all will be well with the country, the economy and the well being of all the people.


Well… I am sorry to tell them that it will never ever happen.


These people, these named leaders are just the same as you and me. They cannot do anymore than anyone of us can do, so why bother spending any time criticizing them when unrealistic expectations are not met?


Whilst the 98% criticize and moan, the warriors are quietly going about their business, quietly creating wealth in the very same places that the 98% are complaining about.  They are focused on building loving relationships, maintaining, improving their health, serving people around them (rather than pleasing them).  They just get on…


The warriors are not waiting for a title to start doing what they know needs to be done, they just get on with it. They ignore the system, if necessary, in order to make sure that they are creating change in their own life, their families, their communities.


They know that the best way to bring about change is to BE the change.


They become oblivious to the gripes of the many. They even seem selfish & callous as they go about their business but they know that sometimes, you gotta go against the tide of popular opinion in order to make things happen.


Who are you? Warrior or Sheep?

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