You veer wildly between faith and doubt

One moment, you are absolutely sure that you are going to create the life of your dreams, the 6 figure, purpose-aligned business, the travel, the inner peace, the total knowing of your divine nature.

And then you open your eyes to your current reality and you get afraid, you get doubtful and you tell yourself unconsciously to give up


You are acting like a deserter and in older times, you were shot at dawn for being so yellow-bellied.

WAKE THE HECK UP!  Do you want this vision or not?  Do you want to make 6 figures or more in your business?  Do you want to change lives, impact many, make a massive difference on this planet?  Do you want to be wayshower? Do you want generational wealth? Do you want to be a great mentor to those following you, including your own children?

DO YOU WANT TO PROVE ‘THEM’ WRONG?  You know who I mean, THAT PERSON or THOSE PEOPLE who told you that you would not be able to do it.  Yes, I know we have nothing to prove but you also know it will be rather sweet to be able to look ‘them’ in the eye and think (or maybe even say) “I told you so!”

Be honest, you know you want that…

You can go back to being super-spiritual after you admit it.

Go on… say it to yourself – I WANT THAT!

Ok, so if you want that, you have better be completely loyal to your vision.

GO ALL IN on it.

Stop holding on to the cliff side, stop clinging to safety for dear life – THROW YOURSELF OFF!

Trust that the Divine has your back and that you will be caught before you hit the ground

trust that you will soar with the Divine as you fully commit to the creation of your vision

No one EVER created something without total commitment.  You cannot be in AND out.  You are either in OR out.

Which is it?

Stop listening to those who would tell you to be reasonable, be sensible, be logical – There is a place for these things, for sure, BUT NOT when you are deciding whether to commit or not to your vision.

Of course, your vision is going to seem impossible and stupidly out-of-reach so right now is not the time to listen to doubt and fear

Now is the time to DECIDE if you want the impossible

Now is the time to DECIDE if you truly trust the Divine and yourself to pull it off

Now is the time to feel the bliss of doing it and to act from that bliss, to act as though there is just no other way, now is the time to throw yourself all the way in


On the slow days, when it seems like nothing is happening

On the exhilarating days when it seems like everything is happening at once and you are not sure you can keep up

On the terrifying days, when you are sure you are about to fall on the rocks and break every bone in your body figuratively

On ALL THE DAYS, will you be loyal to your vision?

Or are you just a talker, a wisher, a dreamer, a whiner, a wimp?

Be honest with yourself.

This path is not for the wimps

It is for the brave, the relentless, the ones who face fear and keep moving anyway

We see the kingdom and we cannot turn away

We are loyal to it

We gave up membership of the average life

And we are not looking back, no matter how long it takes!

We are in this forever.

We are one with the Divine, we are powerful and limitless.  We recognise that we are the authority in our own life and we no longer allow anything to tell us what we must settle for.

We determine to understand and wield our divine creative ability

We partner it with practical, physical reality strategic actions

We do what it takes until it takes

We do not see defeat because we never stop – WE ARE LOYAL TO THE VISION

And the vision comes alive.  It is powered up with the love energy of the Divine and of course, it manifests


There is no other way.

Success is always ours and we see it no other way.


Are you one of us?

Will you be loyal?

If yes, then you need to be surrounded by your people, It is sooo tough to be surrounded by average while staying focused on extraordinary so come, let’s talk, you and I.

Come to the 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS CONSULTATION if you are truly committed to building a 6 figure business doing what you love…

If you are truly determined to do it within a year

If you are truly determined to living in your purpose

Are you willing to be loyal to this vision?

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