Be Here Now & Create a Better Tomorrow – A Pathway to More Peace when you are a type A Personality

Be Here Now, Type A Personality

If you are anything like me, there is always more…


There is always stuff you want to do….


There is always more money to make…


There are always more things to experience…


There are always more books you want to read…




And people looking in at me may well think that I must be exhausted a lot of the time.


Truth be told, yes, I can be!   But not for the reason you think…


I get exhausted when I am trying too hard to please other people & make them happy.


And maybe you can be too.


The thing is this, I have lived a life where I tried to suit everyone else’s way of being, I tried to do less, to be content, to settle down and be all ‘peaceful’ etc but I hated it. I was bored out of my brains and frankly, I felt depressed!


And whenever I try to settle down now and stop doing so much, I can feel that same depression starting to come back to me and then I realize that again, I am trying to live like everyone else…


I am trying to do less, to be ‘peaceful’, to be whatever everyone else thinks I need to be and that is just plain silly, right?!


For as long as I can remember, I have always been in my element when I am doing a lot of things, I feel buzzed, I feel alive, I feel ‘WOOHOO!!!’ and usually, I am serving a lot of people and I know I am doing what I am created to do!


I love it!


And then I get a little tired for a second or someone says something negative at just the wrong moment and I start to doubt the person that I am.


How silly!


And maybe that happens to you as well.


You feel alive and thriving in the throes of life but then you wonder if there is something wrong with you because you love reaching out for more all the time.


Let me let you into a new way of thinking this 2015…


This way of thinking is changing my perception of everything and it may just do the same for you because, you and I KNOW, that if we do not get our heads under control when it comes to fighting and getting what we want out of life and business, we will get in our own way!


So, here it is


Right now, I am thankful for everything in my life

Right now, life is perfect just the way it is

Right now, I am happy

Right now, I still have work to do.

Right now, I am growing into my God-given purpose and I thrive in it.


Remind yourself of this when you think you are being greedy for wanting more, for doing more, for being the super-active, person that you are.


It allows you to savour this moment, this perfectly, imperfect moment and still reach out to create more.


It is mindfulness and ambition all mixed together in a way that will bring you peace.


The main flaw with my personality type is the possibility that…


We will forget to be grateful for this moment in time,

We will stop seeing & being grateful for the people in our current life,

We will become needy (always looking for other people’s validation) which will be creepy, ugly & desperate and no one wants to work with someone like that.

That is not a great way to live and it does lead to exhaustion.


So, remember to ground yourself in this moment and accept the person that you are while continually reaching out & creating a better tomorrow.


Be Here Now & Create a Better Tomorrow!

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