Be Here Now

Be Here Now, Spirituality In BUsinessEvery day you wake up and you are already in the future.

Come back!

Be Here Now!

Every moment of every day passes you by leaving behind a hint of something amazing but you do not see it because you are living in the future.  And usually the future is full of fear and responsibilities and all the things you think you have to buckle down and deal with.

Be Here Now!

It is in the present that you create the future.

It is as you notice the things in your present that you create your future and it is completely designed by the choices you make now.

The choice to be present here and now will mean you see the difference you can make to the future by taking a different action, by doing the work that you truly want to do, by being the person that you really are.

When you live in the future all the time, all you do is project your limited viewpoint into the future and what you see scares you but it is not the truth.

You make fear based decisions when you base your life on a badly imagined future.  And decisions that are made out of fear are certinaly not empowering!

And so you wonder why you have to look back to the ‘good old days’ to find any joy, it is because you have made your whole life about fear.

The only reality you have is this one right now in the present but you are not paying attention.

You are thinking things will get worse in the future, based on the past.

You are making decisions to protect you, rather than decisions to expand you.

And even when you think things will get better, you think that it will be a result of something external to you. Maybe you think you will get a lottery windfall, some government body will change laws in order to keep you safe, one of your children will look after you or some other person will do something to change things for you.

Stop it.

Be Here Now!

Pay attention now to what you truly want out of this one life that you have.

Right now, put your palm in front of your face and stare at it until you can see every line, every wrinkle, feel the blood flowing through your hand, pay attention to each finger – Be present to it.

Pay attention to your breathing.  Hear it come into your nostrils and go out again.  See the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe.

Listen to the sounds all around you.

The yelling of your kids.

The ticking of the clocks in the room where you are.

And then go inside of you and pay attention.

Be Here Now!

Thre is no fear in the future when you realise the miracle of the present.

YOu may have gone through a whole lot to bring you to this moment and yet you are still standing.

Somehow you are always taken care of.  The universe, God supports your growth and expansion and now it is time for you to wake up to the creator that you can be when you get deliberate about co-creating your life and business.

Every good things is created as you deliberately choose to see reality and take more expanded steps towards a future that you want.

And when I say expanded, I mean love-based choices – Love for yourself and all that you are and love for the people you are called to serve.

You no longer leave things to chance, you no longer live just to protect yourself, you live to create an expanded version of yourself.  You live to experience all that life has to offer.  You choose no longer to think that some things are out of your reach because in the present, you KNOW that anything is possible.

And you choose to do whatever it takes to create it.

All these more empowering thoughts and ways of being emanate from being deliberately HERE in the present.


An exciting, abundant life awaits all people who choose to live in awareness of their present moment.

Be Here Now!

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