Be an Entrepreneur: 5 Copywriting Tips You Must Know To Create Compelling Copy

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Copywriting is a skill that every business owner and entrepreneur must spend some time on improving. It can take a boring, unprofitable piece of marketing and turn it into something that prospects buy from time and time again. This is a skill that you can learn rather than waiting on a copywriter, particularly at the start of your business.

Here are 5 tips to improve your copywriting skill.

1. Remove Distractions

Like most focused work, you need the space and the time to create a masterpiece that reads well and sells well. Of course, you have to so this within reason, you may be working from a space in your home where things are not as clear-cut as that.

There may be children running amok or people asking you to run errands and no space that you can call your own. If this is the case, you must create a space within yourself. If it means wearing headphones to signify to the people around you that you are busy then do so. Put on some soft music to drown out the chaos around you and get to work. Or you may choose to go to your favourite café with access to the internet for research and find a quiet spot there to do your writing.

In real life, you may want a distraction-free zone but it is not always the reality at the start of a business so figure out how to create a peaceful place inside of you anyway.

2. Write To Your reader

Have your prospect in mind as you create the sales communication. Stop generalizing and using words like ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘they’. Instead, use words like ‘you’ and ‘your’. Speak directly to the reader. If you have not created your customer avatar, take a second to do that before you go on to creating a communication for them. Have someone specific in mind as you write. BE conversational and draw them into the conversation. This is not you talking at them – It is you talking with them. Ask questions that when the reader reads, they will automatically answer within their head. Do not worry so much about the distinction between business customers or consumer customers – Write to a person because it will be a person, not a business reading your copy.

3. You Do Not Need To Have A Unique Selling Proposition

Sometimes, entrepreneurs get so caught up in trying to find out what they are different for and so they end up putting something in their copy that makes them seem anything but different. It makes you seem silly for even mentioning it. For example, saying you offer service with a smile is not unique at all so do lots of business. Understand that the most unique thing about you and your business is you so concentrate more on being yourself in your copy and your uniqueness will automatically shine through.

4. Ask Questions

As already mentioned but it does warrant a point of its own, ask questions in your copy. It is an automatic reaction for your prospect’s brain to respond to the question and if you are savvy in the way you use questions in your copy , you will find that people give the response you want them to give and keep reading your copy in order to see how you can help them get the result they want. For instance, if you are selling dog training advice for pet owners whose dog chews on their slippers every time they get a new pair and you ask the question “Do you have a dog who chews your new slippers every night?” Your prospect automatically says ‘YES!’ and then they keep reading to see how they get relief from this issue.

5. Long or short copy

In the real world, both work. Do not worry about the length, just make sure your message is delivered and take as much space as you need to do that. If anything, it seems that long copy can be a lot more effective in convincing people to move particularly when you are moving them from lukewarm prospect level to red hot and ready to buy. So, take you r time to get the message clearly out there.

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