Imagine superman refusing to fly?

Or Batman refusing to go into the bat cave and use all his bat toys?

Or Wonder woman without whatever it is that wonder woman uses?

They would just be ordinary people, doing ordinary stuff and we would not care too much to watch them.

And that is what happens when you pretend not to be a superhero, when you forget how you are born to live…

You could go through life connected to wisdom way beyond your experience and yet, you continually choose to logicalize and reason your way through everything.

And yep, I know it is the done thing…

Oh yes, it is!

But the done thing for most, is a life of quiet desperation, drowned out by various distractions as they try not to consider why their youthful dreams have not come to pass.

You do want more than that, right?

You may not want to admit it out loud but there is a part of you that does want to be a superhero, right?

(I certainly do!  I come out of those superhero movies a little deflated as I realise I cannot fly but then I remember what I can do!)

You do want to wake up beaming from ear to ear because you have cracked the code?

You do want to feel as though you are on an adventure, right?

So, why on earth would you settle for average?

You have a superpower…

And it is your connection to Source, your intuition, you might like to call it…

That is your superpower

That takes you from being average to being someone of incredible wisdom and foresight…

That gives you the win you want in life

No, it is not always easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy

But it is absolutely possible for you to live from the intuitive flow…

All the time, Spirit speaks to you, trying to get your attention, trying to get you to listen and to trust and to act…

But you would rather submit to logic and reason because it is the way you were trained to live

You need to know that there is a cap on how high you can go with logic and reason, you have probably already experienced it.

But when you listen into your gut first and then use logic and reason to bring it to life, miracles happen.

Go on, right now, quiet yourself down

Listen to yourself breathe

Still your mind as much as you can

Maybe use a quiet affirmation or mantra that you quietly repeat to yourself

Listen into one of my affirmative ditties (

And then with your mind on the vision you have for your life, ask your inner man a question about how to make it a reality.

Ignore the fear as you wonder if this will work for you…

Just let an answer bubble up to the surface…

Make a note of it

Take action on it

Let it be that simple to make decisions…

Let it be that simple to connect to your super power.

Let it be a natural thing to you because it really is.

You were born for connection to Source

You were not supposed to do life alone

So, go on

Connect again…

Stay connected…

Stop looking at what others do…

Stop worrying about what others will think of you…

This is your ONE LIFE – Use your superpower to make it an amazing experience.

Pay attention all through the day to Spirit within…

Act from that intuitive flow

Be a superhero as you smash through obstacles, live beyond any problems that seek to hold you back…

Be a superhero as you design a life that loves the people you are called to…

Be a superhero as you deliberately and intuitively design a life you adore.

Much Amazing Love

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