Fear is one big thing that gets in the way of you creating the life and the business you want.

You claim to want to get rich, to impact people and change lives, to live a fulfilling life but then…

You get stifled by fear…

You put the brakes on the actions you must take to create wealth

And so you do not get the wealth you want and you keep looking for magic bullet solutions that never work and just distract you from the work that you must do each and every day to get wealthy.

And I say, enough!

Fear can not be allowed to control you in this way!

So, here are the 5 ideas to help you be a fearless entrepreneur and ideas that will start you back on your path to making money doing what you love…

1. Say What You Actually Think

If you are going to stand out and be a leader in the marketplace, you cannot sound like everyone else out there.  You must sound like you.  Just like you would do with your friends, family and when you feel safe and certain.  That is how you must sound in the marketplace as well.

This is how you call your people to you; your ideal clients come when they hear who you are.  They buy into your values, beliefs and so they feel like you do have a solution for them and so they come.  Does it happen all at once?  Nope!  Don’t expect it to.  Everything I mention in here happens when you stay consistently on path and let things play out steadily.  Yes, I know you want the magic bullet but you may find it a little more beneficial to consistently do the work and get the small wins which ultimately lead to the bigger ones.

When you start to say what you actually think – Yes, it may shock some people but for others, they have been waiting for someone to be as honest as you are being and they are drawn to it.  People start to be loyal to you because they buy into you.  They find you refreshing and they trust you.

2. Do What You Actually Want To Do

Business is not easy.  And if you have to do things that you do not want to do to make it work, then you are unlikely to stay on path.  You will get all excited for about two seconds and think that you can do this thing that makes you feel horrid inside – You will convince yourself that you can do it for a short time and then you will quit when the result does not come as quickly as you want it too.

Fear will kick in and you will find yourself daily doing less and less of the thing that makes you afraid.  I see this happen time and time again with people in network marketing.  They think that they have to do the cold list/warm list thing and so they get all excited, tell themselves they are facing their fears, they do it for a short time and then they get petrified and also HATE what they are doing and so they quit.

It may be easier to find something that comes naturally to you, like doing social media marketing and then use that to connect with people as you normally would do except this time, you do it with intent and you do it consistently.  You will find yourself able to face these fears because you are doing what you would normally do anyway, just with a lot more focus.

Think about it for your business.  What do you like to do and how can you use your strengths to build your business?  I used to be told that all the reading I did was useless to make money but now it is all the reading I do that keeps me flowing with new ways to support my clients in getting the results they want.  My singing has been used to clear clients of their internal barriers and again, it helps them create wealth.  My ability to talk and talk and talk allows me to speak and call in my community.  I use my strengths daily and my business grows.

3. Own Your Big Goals – Determine To Have It All

Stop trying to play small and fit into what other people think you should do.  Do not let your fears about being alone, being unaccepted, being crazy and poor make you accept and be satisfied with a small existence.

You know that you dream big and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot have it all except that you allow fear to stop you taking the daily action that you must take to get the result.  Note that I emphasize the DAILY action.  This is not some ‘do it today and then do it again next week and then wonder why it is not working right now’ thing – This is about consistency and persistence and a refusal to ever back down.  And it is also about breaking your big goals down and taking a small step that does not paralyse you in fear each and every day.  As you stay consistent with it, you will find that your little step gets bigger and bigger because your fears start to recede as you realise there is nothing to be afraid of.

Write out those big goals – Determine who you have to be to get them, determine also what you have to do to make them happen and then get to work doing something daily to make them a reality.

4. Put On Fearlessness Each Morning In Your Quiet Time

Don’t be like a ‘norm’ who goes into the day with no thought or preparation.  ‘Norms’ start the day playing to the agenda of other people whether it is their kids, their partner, their boss, their employees because they do not take the time to determine what they want their day to look like.

Wake up before your household and get out your journal and remind yourself of who you choose to be each day.  Design your day and face any fears about the actions you intend to take that day.  In silence, ask yourself why you feel fear and write down what pops into mind.  Sometimes, to see the fear, is to realise that it is not valid.  Sometimes, it is valid but then in your quiet time, you make a promise to yourself to keep moving forward anyway.  In your quiet time, you realise that the goal you are working towards is very worth the pain of going through the fear.  And so you start your day with determination to keep taking the next step.

5. Ask, Ask, Ask For Everything You Want

When you are being fear-driven, it is tough to lead your people to buy from you because you will not ask for the sale.  You will say things like, “they know what I want them to do, don’t they?” and so you will lose the sale time and time again.  Never EVER assume people knwo what you want.  TELL THEM!

Tell them in as many ways as you can think of and do not lose courage just at the finish line – Just as they are about to buy, you leave them to their own devices and so they go off to think about it and think themselves right out of it.  You must stay in play until the sale is made.  This may mean asking the bold questions, if you are having a sales conversation.  It may mean following up with people consistently even when it feels like you are being pushy.

It will mean making sure that every piece of content you put out in the world tells people exactly how they can buy from you.  In your quiet time, think up ways to ask for what you want.

You  must allow yourself to be convinced about the usefulness of your product/service/opportunity – You must KNOW deep inside that what you have to offer is great and that it will benefit people and when you KNOW that then it is easier to be courageous about offering it everywhere.  It is like the religious fanatics who are absolutely convinced that you must follow them or go to hell and so they tell you and tell you and TELL YOU and some people buy into them, others don’t and find it annoying but ultimately, they ‘save some souls’.

What if you had such conviction about your business? Would you allow fear to stop you? Or would you take full responsibility for ensuring that everyone knows exactly how you can change their life?

Fear is no longer allowed to win you over.

It is time to step up and lead!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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