It is easy to find reasons not to win at your vision

No money

No support

No time

Wrong Country

Wrong Skin Colour

Wrong Upbringing

Too old

Too young

Wrong side of the moon

Wrong side of the sun

Too many children

Parents Need you

More healing required

Waiting on the Lord

Should I go on?

There are many, MANY reasons not to do what you feel called to do

And some of these reasons even sound awesome and real and true

And because we are pretty powerful people, we will create circumstances that match what we are saying and believing the obstacle is…

But it is all created BY YOU!

It takes balls to fully own your vision and then go after it until you see it come to life


And most wimp out

Will that be you?

I was speaking to my awesome Princess who turned 12 today and she wants to be an all-singing, dancing and acting performer

That is definitely a field where only the ones with the most balls make it

So, I asked her if she understood what that would demand of her – Well, she has me to remind her daily. She is blessed, she may not know it.

It is easy to see the celebrities and stars as they are right now and think that it was all handed to them on a platter

But where were you when they were crying because no one came to their big show, or when that 1000th audition did not result in the role…

Where were you when they were saying no to every invite going and instead practicing their craft alone, wondering if it would ever work and yet, they just kept on?

I was listening to Preacher Lawson (I think his name is), a comedian on America’s got talent, who for EIGHT YEARS, was rejected and was failing and failing and failing…

No money And yet, he kept going until he won…

Tyler Perry – Same story

They HAD BALLS and they kept freaking going until they won

Do you have balls?

Or is your vision only to be lived out, if it is easy?

And for you, the ones who are still going, because really I am only talking to you…

YOU HAVE BALLS (man balls or lady balls! ?)

Well done!!!!

There is nothing wrong with you

It is not harder for you than it is for anyone else

You ARE called

It can be tempting to think that your hardship is because you are not cut out for this faith walk

It is not true

It can be crazy tough and only the ones with balls go the distance

Keep moving forward, my love

Make no excuses

And you will ABSOLUTELY win.

Come join me in the Circle…

I will walk in the darkness with you

You will be encouraged and empowered and you will stay the distance

Come, if you are spirit-driven and freaking determined to make money online, doing what you love

Much Amazing Love

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