Balance – A word a lot of us talk about.  In the workplace, there is always talk of the work-life balance.  How is this achieved?  I have sometimes found it incredibly difficult to split myself appropriately.

What do you do?  How do you decide if you have spent enough time on a particular activity.  As a mother with young children, the only time I get to myself is usually after everyone’s bedtime.  Building a support system of friends and family is crucial.  In fact just this evening, I had a family member ask if we wanted her to help with the children one evening.  This is a lifeline source of help.

However, most of the time, particularly during the day when most business happens, the children are with me.  I love this as the time for them to be little children is fleeting so I refuse to allow anyone else spend more time with them than I do.  Yes, I recognize I have choice about this, I could always put them in some form of child care but I choose not to.

This does at times lead to difficulties as I try to juggle appointments around them but I am a firm believer that I can have my cake and eat it so somehow, I juggle blogging, business pursuits(of which there are many!), time with the children, homeschooling and the days at work being a pharmacist- keeping my skills up.  Life can feel like a constant rush at the moment.

I however have a vision of the future and it is a Great One!  I know where I am rushing to so for this reason, I am willing to spend time pursuing all these things knowing that the future I am running after will soon be mine!  That for me is what helps me keep things in perspective, it helps keep me balanced.  I have set a time limit on a few of my pursuits  so I know things will calm down in due course allowing me to create time for more of the other things that are particularly important to me.  This is balance to me.

I wish I could say I always get it right but I am on a journey and each day is a time of reassessing my goals, my tasks and activities. I am also female, it sometimes feels like we have a need to feel guilty.  Anyway, I am working that out of my system, too busy for the luxury of guilt 🙂

How do you decide what to give your time to?

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