The No-Holds-Barred One-On-One Coaching Program For The Driven Spiritual Person Who Knows They Are Meant For More:

Work With Me, One On One For 3 Months, To Rediscover Your True Design & Create A 5 Figure+ Monthly Income In A Purpose-Driven Business Simply, Easily, Swiftly


You are known as a strong person and you see yourself as a strong person, a leader, solid, dependable, rooted in common sense…  

And you have created a good life  

A life most would be proud of  


It is not the right life for you…  

Something has felt off for a long time  

Something has felt wrong…  

You keep telling yourself to be grateful and just settle down into this life that you have sweat blood and tears to create…  

But it just does not feel right…  


That 'something more' does not feel practical

It feels huge  

So huge that you are denying it

But it is going nowhere - It is a vision, a calling you have felt for a long time

You have a calling to impact and influence many with a message you carry deep within you…  

The calling that you now try to demean as the prideful dreams of a young person who has not yet experienced the toughness of life...  

Yes, you try to deny that calling but it continues to whisper to you that you are born for something more…  

And you also thought you could not do it...  

You allowed yourself to think that sensible people like you, only did such frivolous things in the evenings and in the weekends  

You did not feel you could build a whole life around your calling  

And so, you do the volunteering thing at your church, at your community centre but that is all it can be…for now... (Or so you keep telling yourself)

"Maybe later", you tell yourself…  

  • When the kids are grown  
  • Or the parents pass on…  
  • Or the church does not need you so much…  
  • Or when you have more time…  
  • Or more money…  
  • Or after you have more life experience and you have established yourself more…  
  • Or when you are less tired

THEN you will get to create the life you really want… Not now!  

"It is impossible for people like you to create an income doing what you love, right now…  

And frankly the thing you want to do is too out there…"

You tell yourself...

The deep desire that keeps whispering at you, is too big, too frivolous and silly to expect it to take care of your responsibilities...  

You have too much riding on you staying the same, doing the same thing, being the same person…  

And you FOUGHT HARD to get to this version of a 'successful' life…  

How can you upset the applecart now?  

You have too many responsibilities  

Too many people need you to stay constant  

They would be upset if you tried to change things too much...  

And you love the people around you  

Even though it feels stifling and there is sometimes resentment because you are giving and giving and giving  

Frustration because it is not getting you where you want to go - It all seems to be holding you back  

But because you feel that it is a good thing to serve people (which it is), you keep giving, giving, giving but you seem to forget that...

You are not called to serve EVERYONE

You feel called to more, much much MORE that just the people in your current experience of life…  

And yet, it feels proud, selfish, wrong to think like this…  

You keep trying to tell yourself to stop thinking these thoughts…  

You keep trying to settle down  

To be content with your lot in life...

But something is missing  

It can be very confusing in your head a lot of the time...  

And now, you are beginning to feel dead inside…


And yet you try very hard to stay in place, to keep putting on the facade that you are fine…  

That this life is fine...  

You Keep Trying To Be Content!  

Your relationship with the Divine is taking a hit because you feel wrong for thinking this way and you are not really sure what the Divine thinks of your desire to be wealthy… 

You have overcome a lot to be where you are and so you feel guilty and shameful for not being happy and for being ungrateful and so you distance yourself from the Divine…  

This is not even a conscious thing…  

Because you do not fully realise that you feel angry at the Divine for bringing you here…  

And you feel it is disrespectful to feel that anger and so, you button it up but grow ever more distant from your power source...  

But be honest with yourself for a moment, you do feel victimised that you have to lay down your own dreams to support the people in your life, to be the responsible upstanding citizen you feel you must be…  

Why the heck were you given these dreams and this calling, if you were never going to be allowed to live it out?  

And you feel abandoned now because this discontent, this dissatisfaction is growing and growing and growing…  

It is feeling harder and harder to keep pretending that all is well…  

But you keep going…  

You just keep going…  


Listen, I see you…  

You are that person who works hard, so very hard…  

You are willing to push and push and push and PUSH to get what you want

But you are not allowing yourself to want what you truly want  

You think that what you really want, is stupid or too greedy

You think it is a weakness…  

You know the theory of creating your own life and you have done it…  kinda...

You are even very proud of what you have created…  

But you KNOW you have created the wrong life for you  

It is based on the success standards of the people in your life.

It is not based on your own desires.

There is no fulfilment  

There is no freedom  

There is no abundance  

There is just enough, just average, just ‘OK'  

When You KNOW You Are Meant For More Than Enough, For Magnificence, For Total Prosperity...  

You are drawn to the spiritual side of life  

You always have been  

But it seems crazy to think that you can somehow build a life, impact people whilst fully owning your spiritual side in the world…  

You see some spiritual people out there and you are scared to be associated with their wishy washy ways…  

And yet, there is a whisper within you that will not be silenced, reminding you not to limit yourself and instead...


You are scared, I get it  

But the call is not going away, my love!  


Yes, you can have impact and income doing what you want to do  

And yes, you are being called to the leading edge, the cutting edge of a new way of doing business & life…  

One that combines both the spiritual and the practical, unapologetically…  


But you must WAKE UP and say yes to your real life  

And be willing to go ALL THE WAY IN!  

Are You Willing?  

I find myself asking this question a lot at the moment because I know this path is not easy…  

Many want it until they have to face the darkness and the resistance and then they run back to the ‘safe’ broad path (even though it is sooooo painful to keep playing soooo small)…  

Is that all you are to be?  




When You KNOW You Are Born To Be Wild, To Be FREE, To Be Pushing The Boundaries...  

Because I can tell you this...  

Living life truly on your own terms, DEMANDS EVERYTHING from you...  

I have been through hell in order to fully own who I am…

(And I would do it again and again. NO WAY will I ever return to that dead life I used to live as a pharmacist - NO WAY!)

And now, I keep expanding 

And so it is with deep knowledge as to the fears you are facing that I ask you if you are willing…  

Because if you will choose to face the doubts and fear (and remember you will not be alone in it) then this is what you can expect…

🔴 Fulfilment, freedom, financial abundance and a love-drenched life - This is the Deliberate Millionaire Path To Peace & Plenty and it always leads here. You will define what these mean to you and we will work to make them true for you.

🔴 You will no longer be a slave to money, doing most of what you do because it pays the bills even though it is killing your soul. No, you will discover how to create money doing what you want and feel called to do.

🔴 You will set up your highly profitable & purpose-driven business as part of this 90 day program. I fully expect you to get your business off the ground, making sales by the end of the 90 days together or to have increased your current income if you are already in a purpose-driven business/career you love. We will hit the ground running in AWAKEN!

🔴 Take the limits off your creativity and begin speaking, writing, creating the way you have always wanted to but felt held back from because you thought that what you had was just not good enough

🔴 Happiness and wealth for you and for your family - This is not and will never be about settling in any area of life. Flexibility for you and yours - What would it be like to live anywhere, doing ONLY what you feel called to do?

🔴 You will start creating loving relationships, vibrant health and the limitless wealth you desire. None of these areas are taboo to talk about and handle as everything affects everything. We, deliberate millionaires, do not live compartmentalised lives.

🔴You will feel an intimate connection to Source and easily get answers to every single question you ask - This is literally your power source and it is in connection with Source that you truly find yourself and discover how to make life be easy. You will have access to limitless wisdom.

🔴 Your confidence will soar as you realise what is possible for you as you own your true power. Yes, you are powerful already but this is next level power as you recognise your divinity.

🔴 You will get off the emotional rollercoaster and begin to feel peace, calm and ease in every area of your life. When you fully realise that everything is ALWAYS working out for your good, what do you have to be concerned about?

Rosemary has been a God send! For some time I had been attempting to set up a business and had so many things going on in my life. My husband worked abroad and I was at home with 3 young children. I had to take some time off work to be able to look after them. It was not possible to return on a full time basis due to the demands of the job therefore I decided to work from home. However, there were so many distractions. Pretty soon I felt overwhelmed by what I was trying to do and with life as a whole. I knew that I needed help and found Rosemary.  

The great thing about Rosemary is that she tells you how it really is. She gives you that jolt of reality to kick you into action. She made me see that I needed to set definite goals to achieve what I wanted and that there was no more room for looking back at the past and making excuses. I used to worry about really silly things and realized that I needed to move on if I wanted to do something worthwhile and meaningful with my life. Rosemary left me feeling empowered and more confident to face things head on.  

If you want to lead a fulfilled life and successful business, I strongly recommend that you speak with Rosemary.”  

Melanie, Mel’s Little Luxuries

(Not that it feels awesome now, anyway!)

I am not supposed to tell you this, am I?

However, I choose to be completely honest with you - The beginning of transformation does not always feel awesome because you have a lot of mass-mind-conditioning to overcome...  

A lot of belief clearing and healing to do…  

Healing you have hidden from, because it felt too scary to face the darkness within  

And so you cloaked yourself in being the leader, the responsible, sensible person who has it all together  

And you wear that mask well…  

Except I see you…  

And I see how it limits you…  

Because I was you…  

And this is what I know about you...  


This show of strength you are putting on, is the tip of the iceberg…  

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO YOU than you fully comprehend  

And when you fully partner with the Divine…  

Not in a subservient way - That is what you despise in ‘those’ spiritual people…  

But as co-creator of your free, fulfilled, financially-abundant & love-drenched life…  

When you truly fully do that…  

The person you uncover, will blow you away!  

I call you to AWAKEN!  

You are called to impact lots of people…  

And the call will not be silenced  

And the urgency grows and grows within you…  


No, you will not know the end from the beginning…  

Yes, you will need to trust and have faith that your vision is your permission  

Yes, you will need to trust that you are capable of your calling and there is no mistake about you being here on this planet for such a time as this.



There are 5 main things we do together...

1. CONNECT TO SOURCE POWER This is where it all begins. This is how you get clear guidance. This is how you step fully into your power. 

Who better than your Source to inform you on what you are here to do, to be, to have?  

This is also how you raise your vibration, your frequency, what you are available for. You cannot solve anything at the same level of thinking that created the problems in the first place so as we connect firstly to vast wisdom, you begin to see new options and feel empowered to work with them.  

This will include healing any disempowering stories you have about what Source will require of you, particularly religious ones. What if you truly believed that the Divine withholds nothing from you? That is sometimes a difficult idea for people to completely agree with because we have all been told that it is in our best interest to not be given what we want. There is a false subservience, victimhood around what we are allowed to create and receive. Our work together will challenge that story, that belief until you begin to fully awaken to the idea that the only obstacle in your path is you and what you will allow yourself to have.  

2. DEFINE YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE There will never be a way to create a truly prosperous life while living the wrong life for you. We will get crystal clear clarity on what you are here to do, to be, to have. We will give you permission to claim it all. No longer will you allow yourself to settle for less or to filter what you want based on what you think you can have or what the world tells you is reasonable. We will say YES to everything you desire because the only thing that stops you from claiming your real, fulfilling life is your thought that you cannot have it.

* We will look at the work you want to do * We will look at the relationships you want to have * We will look at the health you want for your body  

This is about a total overhaul of anything that feels out of alignment with the YOU that you deeply desire to be. I completely believe that as we define clearly what you want, 

NOTHING can stop you from getting it, except the belief that it is impossible. We can change that, if you are willing.  

3. HANDLE YOUR STORIES We all have stories. Some of those stories allow us to go after what we want - they empower us. Some of those stories disempower us. The ideal state would be to live a life with no stories but most humans are not quite there yet and we do not have to be until we are ready. To begin with, we can choose to buy into stories that allow us to go STRONGLY after the life we desire. So, there will be a lot of story shifting, story retelling - A LOT! Your stories are the only reason you are not living the life you desire. Your stories can seem so solid, so set in stone but they are simply conditioned responses and thoughts. Now you get deliberate about choosing what you want to be conditioned into accepting as reality.  

Ultimately, I am an expert at seeing the stories that hold you back and I will point them out and give you lots of strategies to handle them. This will seem like the hardest part of the process of AWAKEN because your stories are many and as I said, they seem SOOOO real. However, once you begin to do this, it will get easier and easier to spot and change the stories, Expect to feel sooo much freer as a result of no longer being controlled by stories of the past.  

4. ALIGNED ACTION The inner work is great but there needs to be practical action as well. This is not something you are scared of. You KNOW hard work, however, we are changing the paradigm here. This is not about just working and working and working, pushing and pushing and pushing. You tried that and you got so far but no further. Yes, there is work to be done particularly if you want to change your body, change your career or business, get a new relationship or shift an old one - However, we come at it from a different place. A place of connection to Source where we have access to unlimited wisdom. We do not use our minds to think and overthink and second guess any more, we look for intuitive guidance and then use our mind to bring that guidance to life. If your brain knew how to live awakened, deliberate life of prosperity, freedom, fulfilment, you would already be there. It does not have the answers. So we look in the right place for answers, we find them and we act.  

Yes, there are foundational things to learn and as you have access to all the programs I have created in our time of working together, you will get the foundational actions but then each time we have a session, you will learn even more deeply how to use these foundations to make sure you are not allowing them to take the place of your own deep wisdom.  

This is not about creating a 1-2-3, ‘one size fits all’ approach to creating an amazing life. You tried that already and found that it does not work if you truly want to live abundantly on your terms. You learn to trust yourself again. Yes, you hold yourself to a high standard so this is not about ‘waiting for inspiration’ because Divine guidance is always IMMEDIATELY available. This is about living in a different paradigm and experiencing uncommon success as a result.  

As this is personal coaching, we will work to your agenda. We will establish some habits at the start of our work together - You may already have some of these daily musts in place but I will ascertain that at the start of our work together and because you have ongoing access to me via WhatsApp or whatever form of communication works for us, this is a blanket of support that moulds itself into whatever you need to ensure we meet some clearly defined 90 day goals.  

Ultimately, our goal will be to define your life’s purpose and to begin the process of manifestation of that before we are done. However, each person will have specific desires and we will get clear on exactly what we want to make happen and get to work doing exactly that in our time together


We will stay in contact for the duration of the 90 days together to ensure you do not get dragged back into your old life. You are that person who tends to put everyone else first, unfortunately that causes you to procrastinate on things that will improve YOUR life because deep down, you may consider it selfish to focus on yourself. Our work together will change that story. I will expect regular checkins from you and you can be sure that if I do not hear from you, you will hear from ME (Insert crazy laugh! 😆 )

  • You also get the following programs 



For the first 21 days, you will receive 5 days on, 2 days off, the exact strategy you need to prime your subconscious mind for immediate creation of a money miracle. I will teach you a process that will lead to you creating a money miracle in the first 3 weeks of taking part in this program. This begins on the Monday after you sign up.

You will realise just how powerful you are when you connect to the Divine and become deliberate co-creator of your reality.

And then to deeply establish the principles that create this initial money miracle, you will continue the bootcamp with...


5 days on, 2 days off, you will continue to receive an audio PLUS a worksheet, delivered to your inbox. Understand that you must return to UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE in order to fully use the creative energy you would have tapped into, in the initial 21 days of this program. You will also start the business growth program(see the breakdown below)


✅ How To Easily Tap Into Your Own Innate Confidence, Even Though It Has Been Buried Under Years Of Struggle & Sacrifice

You are a Divine being, having a human experience but you have been trained by people & events to forget your divinity. This has diminished your confidence massively. Join this program and learn how to VERY EASILY tap back into the confidence that is yours already, how to remove the layers that keep you from feeling confident and do it on your own, at home, without having to take any embarrassing action. This is private work, though people will certainly begin to notice your new-found confidence as you approach life from a more self-assured perspective.

✅ How To Know Without Any Doubt The The Divine Wants You To Prosper Exceedingly & Abundantly

You have been holding back from going after everything you want because a part of you worries that the Divine may not support your dreams. Join this program and we will demolish those crazy beliefs that you have taken on from religion, parents, unnecessarily judgmental spiritual practices. Most of the beliefs you have, are hidden from view. They seem so normal to you but they keep you from deep intimacy with the Divine, which stops you feeling safe and supported in the world, which means that you keep allowing doubt to stop you from moving forward. There is magic in knowing that you are loved, safe and supported. You feel free to fly and do more of the things you desire to do. And it all comes so easily to you when this foundation is in place.

✅ How To Have The Inner Resolve To Keep Creating Your Vision

You are already so strong but you have been fighting in the wrong arena. This program will support you in getting super clear about your purpose, your true desires and in doing so, you will feel a new surge of enthusiasm that will lift you above 'struggle and sacrifice' thinking. Is it work when you are doing only what you love to do? Is it hard when you feel so energized by every single thing you GET TO DO each day? It is time for the struggle ideas to be dissolved. There is a new way to live life and it feels easy. You will start accomplishing things that you never thought you could or that you thought would be too hard and you will feel great while doing it.

✅ How To Stand Your Ground & Create Your Prosperous Life, Even When Those Around You Are Unsupportive

So much of your life has been spent wondering how you are coming across to the people around you. You have felt constrained by their opinions of you. You have either fought to prove them wrong or tried to be all they wanted you to be and that has drained you. As you take part in this program, you will become unapologetically you. You will stop noticing what others think. You will be so enamoured with where you are going and the life you are creating that nothing they do, say, think will distract you anymore. One day, you will look up and realise that you are now surrounded by people who love and empower you and you will know that it is simply because you attracted them from the inside as you chose to gently stop focusing on those you no longer wanted in your life.

✅ How To Be Kind To Yourself & Still Achieve Great Things

You have made mistakes in life and you have been punished enough, my love. It is time for you to let go and allow yourself to thrive and prosper. I can show you how to get past the past completely so that you are no longer haunted by past mistakes. It is time to start each day with a clean slate. Regardless of what went down in the past, you DESERVE to have a great life, if you will allow it. And you can with the simple techniques I teach you - You will release the embarrassment, the self-unlove, the self-distrust that has haunted you for so long now. You are worthy of the life you desire. Now, you can allow it.

✅ How To Turn Every Situation Into Something That Blesses & Accelerates You

Everything is working out for your good. It may not always feel like it but as you discover how to change the lens through which you see the world, you will realise that EVERYTHING is working out for YOU! You are safe, supported and completely loved and accepted. You do not have to jump through hoops or prove anything in order to achieve good things but life has convinced you of this nonsense.

✅ Discover The Quickest Path To Inner & Outer Transformation Without Long Drawn-Out Rituals

So many spiritual paths take such a long time and then people never quite get the results they had hoped for. They focused so much on healing, they forgot to also create the life they want. The Deliberate Millionaire Path To Peace & Plenty teaches you to access your secret sauce that makes all these tedious rituals unnecessary. Transformation does not need to take FOREVER and you do not need to be perfect before you can experience all the good that is yours by divine right.

✅ How To Do The Next Thing, Even Though Afraid

Yes, there will be times when the thing you know you need to do, seems too scary to contemplate but being a member of this community will give you all the empowerment and encouragement you need to dare to take that one little step and as you see the big shifts that happen in your life because of one little step forward, you will be more inclined to move a little bit quicker each time. And you will also know a deep sense of being supported by the Divine from within as you cultivate a deep intimacy AS WELL AS you will feel the support and energy of myself and every other member of the Deliberate Millionaire Community.

✅ How To Become The Authority In Your Own Life

You always have been the authority in your own life, you just forgot and I will teach you how to remember this. Religion, family, friends etc taught you to give over responsibility for your life to a harsh deity, to your loved ones, to your boss, to the government and you have always felt that you had to do whatever was expected to stay on the good side of these various so-called authorities in your life. No, you did not knowingly do this but as you work with me in this program, you will start to see how you have given away your territory and throne to these external authority figures and you will easily reclaim every aspect of life and in doing that, prosperity can flow more swiftly into your life. It all starts with an inner transformation and automatically, new circumstances and opportunities start to show up in the physical reality, in accordance to your demands and wishes. Honey, you are sooooo much powerful than you realise.

✅ Learn The Difference Between Fear-Based and Love-Based Action

We all know someone who works SOOOOO hard and gets nowhere and then there is another person who does seemingly little and gets great results. The difference is the energy behind each action. Most of your actions were driven by fear, by the need to avoid some negative outcome and that kind of action will never give you the results you desire. However, when you experience an inner shift that I will teach you all about within this program, you start taking action from a different foundation and even though you may be doing the exact same thing, the results are surprisingly a great way!

✅ How To Prevent The Resentment Buildup

So much of your energy is taken by the undertones of resentment that you feel but never speak of. You have given soooo much to other people and they never seem to be there when you need them and now, there is an undercurrent of distrust, hurt, anger, resentment and it is draining your energy. It is made worse when you do not acknowledge it. There are simple ways to work with energy so that you easily release anger, resentment, hurt, pain

✅ Discover How To Raise Your Energy Levels So That Any Action You Do Take, Is Impactful

It is sooooo tedious to be struggling your way through life, working ever harder and still be getting nowhere. It feels sometimes like you are running fast to get further behind and that is certainly not the way it should be. I know that to the outside world, you are okay but you KNOW how much further you had wanted to be by now. But when you stop to think for a minute, all you can feel is drained. There are so many reasons for this and we will get them handled so that your energy levels soar and you start to accomplish so much more with much less effort.

✅ Discover The Prosperity Superpower You Were Conditioned To Ignore

It can feel like we were deposited here on the earth without an instruction manual for life and yet, it is not true. You have just forgotten how to use the tools you were given to create the life you wanted. In fact, you may not even know they exist because most people have been conditioned to ignore these superpowers. You will learn how to awaken your divine tools and use them to systematically create the life you desire, more swiftly than you previously thought possible.

✅ Getting crystal clear clarity that propels you powerfully forward

You have spent so long catering to the needs of others and now, you have forgotten your own needs, your own divine calling, purpose and vision. You have vague ideas of what you would like but vague ideas will never get you the results you desire so, as part of this work we do together, you can expect to get CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY about what you want as well as strategic plans to get there as quickly and easily as possible. Enough struggling for the sake of struggling. There is a whole other more joyous pathway to growth, if you will allow it.

✅ Removing Distractions From Your Life With Ease And Permanence That Does Not Fade In Weak Moments

You have experienced this before - You know something or someone is not good for you and so in a strong moment, you decide to get rid of them (nicely) and yet, then doubt overtakes you and you wonder why you think you can live without them or that thing and so, next thing you know, you have welcomed them back in, so grateful that they did not go too far away. After a few days, you are back to KNOWING that this is not right for you. We will handle the reason why you do this and help you shift through the nonsense so that your 'no' can be 'no' permanently and there will be no fear around it anymore because you will have replaced it with something more fulfilling and empowering.

✅ Discover The Deliberate Millionaire's Simple Daily Ritual

This ritual is so simple to do and it will work behind the scenes all day everyday to power-up your self-confidence and self-esteem. You start the day with it - clear instructions are given - and you will find that you become more and more of a magnet for all the good things that you desire because the ritual enables you to drop the repellants as well as emphasize the attractants in your life. This daily ritual, which takes about 35 minutes, will cause transformation from the inside out.

✅ How To Allow Yourself To Receive Good Things

I know you think you are allowing good things in but you are not. the Divine withholds nothing from you so your capacity to receive is the only factor that prevents or allows you to achieve every desire in life. This bootcamp will support you in clearing the limiting beliefs, the pains, the hurts, the energy drains that keep you from your highest good. It will be like switching on the light and seeing that everything you ever desired was always there, waiting for you to notice and take advantage of.

✅ Discover How To Remove Emotion & Move Forward Swiftly To Total Wealth And Success

I make a clear distinction between emotions and feelings. Emotions come up when you look at your physical reality and you react, react, react to it. Depending on what you are reacting to, this can help or hinder you. For most people, it is a hindrance because they think that their physical reality is stuck and there is nothing they can do. And yet, it is not true. However, if you then start acting as a stuck person, your life will continue to be stuck and all because you are allowing your emotions to run the show. Feelings, according to me, are deliberately chosen to enable you to take whatever action you need to take and they are in response to the completed vision you can see within you. You are not swayed by emotional ups and downs anymore when you start living from the inside out and I can teach you how to do this so that you are daily taking action to bring your chosen prosperous existence into the physical reality

And here are some other things you will achieve in this part of the 90 days program

✅ How the practice of gratitude will change everything for you

✅ How to handle and then use your painful feelings to accelerate your progress forward - Nothing is wasted

✅ Discover who to listen to and who NOT TO listen to

✅ How to embrace all parts of you - the wild and the gentle sides - so that you forge forward with precision and strength

✅ Level up your expectations so that when you get what you expect, it is EXACTLY what you want

✅ The actual use of willpower and why it has been letting you down recently

✅ What to do about the past and how to own the strength that it gives you

✅ How to stop with all the second-guessing and overthinking

✅ A magical little system that will give you all the wisdom and knowledge you need to move your life forward

✅ How to handle procrastination

✅ How to stop energy vampires from taking away your focus

✅ Get comfortable with being yourself again in all situations

✅ Heal the deep feeling that you are not enough

✅ Give yourself total permission to make as much money as you like doing ONLY What you want to do.


This continues from Week 8

You will receive short, insightful trainings, delivered 5 days on, 2 days off. They may be audios, divine downloads, affirmations, contemplations, journaling prompts, worksheets and even music.

All designed to teach you the nitty, gritty of how to manifest money easily, simply, swiftly and immerse you in the energy of prosperity and money abundance.

We will cover...


This is a simple daily ritual including music, affirmations, clearing techniques and more that you can do in about 30 minutes a day. This will systematically turn you into a money magnet as you do it consistently


The foundation of Deliberate Millionaire Money Manifesting is connection to Source, your higher power. Without intimate connection, it is impossible to step into financial overflow. You will learn on the program how it all works, how the energy of money works, how connection to the Divine can be cultivated, how prayer works (or does not work) to create the money you desire and so on.

Experience a deep sense of being UNSTOPPABLE as you practise DELIBERATE CONNECTION


You have forgotten who you are. You have forgotten how powerful you can be. You are a divine being, having a human experience but you are living as though you are just a body on a planet getting by, just one of 7 billion people. These parts of the program - a huge part of the program - will support you in identifying and DEMOLISHING any idea, belief, story that would keep you from creating wealth in all its abundance. You become master over money, rather than acting as though you have no choice but to do whatever you have to do to make money.

Take back Dominion over your life and money as you remember who you are.


You will increase your savings, your income, your investments using simple strategies.

You will reduce debt using simple strategies.

You will become intimate with money and money will become a joyous aspect of your life, rather than something that restricts you.

You will start to fulfil your life's purpose in a side hustle or full time business of your own.

Expect ideas to support you in growing your business, without working harder and harder. As you clear the nonsensical ideas that kept you trapped in scarcity, it will be soooo much easier to do simple things that increase your overall wealth. You will start seeing new opportunities for growth and increase. You will see money completely differently.

You will You have so many false ideas about surrender. These are due to societal and religious programming that is completely unhelpful to your ability to manifest money. True surrender empowers you. True surrender allows you to flick on the rich switch. True surrender is necessary for money freedom and I will show you exactly what that means and how to apply it to your life.


I guess it goes without saying that FOCUS is essential to accomplishing anything great. I will teach you how exactly to focus with ease and consistency and get the money results you desire. I will teach you how to elevate above the noise, drama and nonsense in your current life that keep you from your highest good. I will teach you how to make your vision a priority in your own life so that you fulfil the money desires of your heart.

I will also teach you how to overcome procrastination so that you do the simple things you are led and inspired to do. Yes, money manifestation involves a lot of inner work but there is also some practical work to do. It is never anything you do not want to do - EVER! However, if you allow procrastination to rule you, then you will continue to miss out on the opportunities for advancement and so, I include simple strategies that help you ditch all the dilly-dallying that you have indulged in the past.


You need to become a clear channel for money to flow to you so as you learn about the concept of allowing, you will begin identifying all the limiting beliefs and emotional trauma that get in the way of your money channel and how to dissolve them so that you are continually increasing the amount of money you create and keep. You will become one with an awesome amount of money and never have to worry about bills or not being able to afford things ever again.

Yes, this will take some practise but by the end of our time together, you will KNOW exactly what to practise and you will have experienced money miracles too.


As mentioned above, The Business Growth Program Will Start In Week 4 Of The AWAKEN PROGRAM. At this point, you would have primed the soil of your subconscious mind to allow you to take action with clarity and confidence.



Time to gain crystal clear clarity. Who are you really? What are you here to do? What do you want business to look like? What do you want your life to look like? Because it is all up for grabs, you know. And then we gotta figure out who you want to serve, where they are and we start the attracting their attention this week, right at the start.  


You will learn various ways to package up what you have inside of you and make it palatable to your person. You will begin creating the whole thing this week and growing a community of people interested in what you are putting together.  


Now for the technical bit. I gotta say I like to keep things simple and I will show you everything I do and how I do it all. You are firstly and only a messenger, and getting the message out, is the important thing to do.  


OK, so people need to know what they are getting and I will show you how to put an information/sales page together. What needs to go in it and where to put it. What to use to create images. How to link it so you do get paid and your people also get served automatically. This is the week where you complete this.  


So, it is all set up in the back office, how do you actually sell the thing? We are going deep in with this one.  


The truth is, I never create a product completely before I have sold it. So, now that you have all the other things in place, let us spend time this week creating the program. I will show you where to put the course when created so that your person can access it easily.  


You do not always need to do this. I hardly ever do this. However, it helps to know HOW TO do it, if you decide to speak directly to people.  

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE COVERED - Together, we will build out your business that is generating money.

By the end of this 90 days together, you will have rediscovered your purpose, have made some sales and be well on your way to a whole new life experience.

So, you have a choice to make...



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