No, you do not have to react in fear every time a creditor calls, shows up at your door or sends you a letter, asking for their money back.

No, you do not have to argue about how right you are, every time your partner falsely accuses you of some wrongdoing.

No, you do not have to shout back to defend yourself when your work colleague seems to be taking liberties with the truth.

No, you do not have to drop everything, every time your parent decides you have to respond NOW or give money NOW or take them somewhere NOW.

No, you do not have to yell at your child every time they do not do the washing up in the way you have told them 10000 times before to do it. (it did not work 9999 times before, why do you think that the 10000th time will be different).

No, you do not have to go rescue your sibling for the umpteenth time when they get themselves into a mess again.

No, you do not have to change your whole business model the moment a prospect complains about some email you wrote.

I could go on and on about the various dramas that may show up in your life but you know the recurring ones for you.

And YES, honey, there is another way to react, no matter what is going on. NO matter how provoked you may feel. NO matter how ‘right’ yo may think you are.

If you do not choose a different response, you will keep getting the same event showing up but maybe through a different person.

And you will keep wondering why it always happens to you.

You will keep feeling victimised by this person and life as a whole.

And you will not have the resolution you desire.

Are you ready to AWAKEN yet?

I invite you to the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Retrain your conditioned responses, my love.

There is always another way.


The Abundance Library will get you thinking from a more elevated point of view.

It will help you realise that you ALWAYS have a choice.

Find out all the details at

Much Amazing Love

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