Live Large & In Charge


5 Day Audio Program to Allow Divine Intervention In Any Area Of Life

The Divine Is Your Instant, Constant & Unlimited Source - You Never Need Be In Lack

You have been holding back on living out the calling on your life because deep inside, there is doubt that you will be taken care of… 

Deep inside there is doubt that you are allowed to create a prosperous life from doing only what you feel called to do…  

You wonder “Who am I to be able to live THAT life?”  

You look at your experience to date and you feel overwhelmed with all the trials you have seen  

You are scared that this will be your life forever  

And yet, there is a part of you that knows you are born for something more…  

You keep hearing the ache inside of you that tells you THIS CANNOT BE IT!  

But you need help  

You need support  

You know the Divine is FOR YOU  

But you are yet to avail yourself of this support…  


And here is how you get one!


This is a 5 day audio & worksheet program that starts on Wednesday 18th April. Day 1 is delivered to your email address after 5pm UK / 12 Noon Eastern

Join me for this 5 day exploration and implementation program…  

🔴 Simple tasks…  

🔴 Empowering insights…  

🔴 Allow the words and the actions to change you from the inside out…  

🔴 Allow the insights to draw you back into an intimate connection to the Divine…  

🔴 Allow the program to teach you simple ways to ask and receive all that you desire out of life…  

🔴 Begin to see that everything is always seeking your highest good…  

🔴 Identify the thought patterns that cause you to remain stuck and shake loose using simple techniques  

🔴 Discover simple things to do to stop second-guessing and to begin tapping into the unlimited wisdom available to you  

Each day for 5 Days, you will receive one audio delivered to your email inbox and one worksheet with simple tasks to perform.  

You will have access to this forever so you can listen and re-listen until you take in all the truths...  

If you have always known you are called and born to live a life of uncommon success in all areas and you are fed up with feeling stuck, then click the button below to join in



I am Rosemary Nonny Knight - The Prosperity Minister. Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist working harder and harder to stay afloat and in the end, I did not win that battle. 



It seems the Divine needed to work harder to get my attention😃

It took changing tactics from simply working harder to taking responsibility for my inner nonsense.

I finally surrendered to the calling on my life, built a highly profitable property business and then a business coaching business and with all that knowledge under my belt, I felt the call to allow my more spiritual side out as well. After all, the secret sauce to all my success has always been my connection and intimate relationship with the Divine. 

I now work with people who know they are called to make the world a more beautiful, loving place. I equip them with the tools to live prosperously in all areas - Relationships, wealth, health and work.

I am called to 334000 people, worldwide, to live a more deliberate life, opening up to prosperity and making their dent on the planet.

This is one way of doing that.

And I make it affordable for anyone serious!