Have you ever met a person who just hears whatever they want to hear?  So, you try to help them and they see it as an insult…

Maybe you are that person…

You are so sensitive that no one knows what to say to you incase you feel hurt or erupt in anger…

I used to be this person all the time and no matter what my coaches would tell me, I would react and get angry and secretly feel misunderstood by everyone and I never noticed that I was the commonality in all these events.

And now that I do work as a coach, I see it in some clients…

And it usually gets in the way of their progress because they cannot hear the support when they are trying so hard to appear to have it altogether…

They are trying so hard to be perfect…

And they have gone through so much in life that they now spend all their time looking for imagined insults and it gets in the way of progress.

Do not let that be you.

1. Choose a few people you can trust

To get out of this limiting way of looking at life, you need to have people in your life that will call you out on your nonsense.  However these must be people who have no agenda other than your success and someone you can trust as well.  If you cannot trust them, then you will not listen to what they have to say.

This person or people can be a coach, mentor, shrink or a friend with NO AGENDA (this is difficult for a friend or family member because any changes you make tend to affect them as well.)

2. Be Willing To Be Seen

Now that you have your safe place, be willing to let your guard down.  Listen carefully to what the person says to you and instead of jumping to a conclusion about what you THINK they are saying, take a moment and come from a place of knowing that they care for your happiness so they would not be bringing this to your attention unless they really did think you needed to learn something.

Let your walls down…

And let this person SEE you fully, flaws and all.

3. Give Up Victim Mentality

Stop thinking everyone is out to get you because it is simply not true.

And stop thinking that your story gives you an excuse not to succeed.

And stop thinking you are ‘entitled’ to anything because of your story or how hard you worked or sacrificed or anything like that.

Start to catch yourself whenever you find yourself thinking you are being hard done by and someone is being nasty to you or not understanding you.   Take a moment and see if there is another way to see the event.  Remember, no event has any meaning until you give it one so are you making an event mean something empowering or disempowering?  It really is your choice.

And yes, it will mean that all the attention you used to get for having something wrong with you will have to be set down.  A lot of people who suffer from this affliction have gotten so used to being pitied that they now like the attention.  For you to get massive results in business and life, you have to stop getting attention for all the things that are supposedly going wrong with you.

You have to choose to be a victor and no longer a victim.  And that WILL mean you get less attention but it will also mean you can propel yourself forward a lot faster because you realise that you are in control of the actions you take.

And regardless of how hard life may have been, what happens next is ALWAYS down to you and what actions you choose to take next.

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