Are you the visionary with the big ideas? 4 Shortcomings To Consider If Starting Your Own Business

By July 21, 2015April 18th, 2020Self Development

Are you the visionary with the big ideas? 4 Shortcomings To Consider If Starting Your Own BusinessIf you are anything like me then you are full of great ideas and plans for what you want to do. You want it all and you want it now and finally you are willing to do what it takes to get it all. However there are certain shortcomings that are associated with your type and it is wise to consider this as soon as possible.

Lots of professionals transitioning into their own business are visionaries. They have these huge ideas of what is possible for them.. They want to make stuff happen now and they want it all.

Here are 4 shortcomings or personality traits that can work for or against you and how you can deal with them.

  1. You will get bored easily

    What does this mean for your next huge idea? Probably that you will not stick it out until completion. You are a great starter but not so great at finishing

    How can you deal with this? Work with someone who is more back end focused. He/She can then help you turn your big ideas into reality instead of leaving a mess of incomplete ideas in your wake.

  2. Your team may find working with you pretty difficult though inspirationalJust as they are getting stuck into an idea, you have a new one. Just as they are getting done with a certain piece of work that you had to have done, you present them with another one and no acknowledgement of the work they have done to get here. And some will love your fast pace and be inspired by your ability to just keep pushing but ultimately, the business does not move too far in any one direction because you are always having new ideas.

    Again, find someone to work with who will be a go-between so that they can keep you on track and also keep the team seeing your vision in terms that regular people understand and can implement.

  3. You have high-highs and very low-lows

    It is all about you! And everyone gets drawn into your enthusiasm but what of the days when you are not playing at peak? In those periods, your business suffers because it is all dependent on you.

    A mentor, a coach would be helpful to lift you out of the periods when it seems all inspiration and creativity is gone.

  4. You are not that great at managing people and details You are so optimistic that you do not keep your eye on the ball which is all well and good when the money is flowing but not so good when the money dries up.

    Yes, there is a need for enthusiasm but there is also a need for seeing reality as it is and if you are not able to, then it is definitely time to get someone else in to keep the numbers in check and the day-to-day running of the business.

Being a visionary is exciting and there are all kinds of wonderful ideas that you want to see happen. It may be wise to immediately find someone to support you who is more staid and cautious in order to make your vision a reality.

Play to your strengths and let others do the same too.

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