If I popped over to your daily planner right now, whose agenda would your life be answering to?

Do you even have a daily planner or some sort of calendar where you plan out your day?

Or is it just a case of fitting in whatever happens to you with no thought for your own goals, your own plans, your own agenda?

What if I asked you about your numbers?  Would you start telling me about your debt and who you have to pay and how much they want from you etc etc?

Do you have a plan for your own monthly money goal?  Do you even have a figure that you are working towards or are you just kinda winging it, just trying to slightly keep your head above water when it comes to people you owe money to, bills you have to pay etc?

When last did you really put yourself first?

You seem to be rushing around fulfilling everyone else’s plans but what of yours?

If you start each day without taking some time for silence, for gratitute, for the deliberate design of your life, then whose agenda are you playing to?  And honey, I don’t care that you are a family person and you think you have to rush straight into the day to keep them happy as you serve them breakfast, tidy up around them , get them places etc.  Have you taken time to consider what you want your day to look like?

Have you taken the time to create and design it?  It may not go according to plan but at least, there will be a plan that you can tweak and test until you start to have more days that fulfil your agenda for your own life.

Think about the money thing – Your whole day is spent worrying about the bills other people want you to pay, the credit card debt that you need to make payment on and so on…

And yet, you have not taken a moment to set a money target that you are working towards…

You have vague ideas but you are too scared to be very specific about it, in case you do not reach it.

And yet, you are very specific about the bank’s numbers…

You are very specific about how much you owe the water company, or the electricity or whatever utility…

And why is that? It is because they tell you exactly how much they expect to make from you and you fall right in line because they are so certain about it.

Where is your certainty about your own life?

Are you running your life?

Where have you written down a number that you are going to make happen because you have decided that this is what you want?

Again, whose agenda is your life playing to?

If you will not value yourself enough to make time each day to be silent, to tap into your own wisdom, to deliberately design the life you want, then this harried, overwhelmed life is all you will ever get.

If you decide that other people’s agendas are more important than yours then that is always all you will ever get.

Today is a great day to get pretty darned deliberate about your time and your money.

Make a decision to fit in some silence every day where you get to be with your own thoughts and dreams.  It does not have to be a long time but you need to hear your brain think.

Make a decision today about how much money you are determined to make, and in that quiet time, put plans together to detail how you will make it so.

There is incredible wisdom within you but you have to take the time to cultivate it, to tap into it, to listen in.

It is not selfish to put you first…

It is the only way you can serve more people from a place of strength!

Falling in line with their agendas is not strength, it is weakness and your weak self is of no use to anyone and at some point, resentment will start to rise and you will feel insignificant and overwhelmed.

It is time you deliberately put you first!

You are a leader, after all!

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want, because you can if you deliberately choose to.

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