Life keeps happening…

This thing happens and then that thing happens

This person needs you

That person needs you

No time to breathe

No time to think

Everything coming at you from everywhere…

And then you go to the other extreme

You try to simplify

To reduce

To have some peace

But you end up feeling alone, adrift and kinda scared about the direction of your thoughts…

You end up wondering if there is purpose to your life if you are not needed by someone

And so you slowly but surely, fill your life up again with activity upon activity

Drama upon drama…

You even begin to love the sound of your voice complaining about how busy you are

You would never admit it, of course…

But you are not sure who you are, without all the busyness…

It makes you feel purposeful


Approved of…

And all to hide from the fact that life is not the way you want it to be

And that you may be stuck…

And this may be all you can expect out of life

You do not want to face that

It is dogging the back of your mind though

There is a whisper there, asking if this is all there is…

But you are too busy to hear it

You also ignore the low-level-sadness that seems to follow you around…

Nothing that cannot be fixed with a new activity or drama

You keep starting new things…

Trying to run from yourself

But the faster you run, the sadder you become

Everyone looks at you and wonders how you keep so many plates in the air

They even admire you for it

You revel in their praise but…

You avoid your eyes in the mirror

You are too scared to see what you know would be in your eyes

The sadness

The despair

The wondering where the fire went

The wondering if this is all there ever will be

As you slap another smile on and get on with the day

When will you stop and pay attention, my love?

I know you are powerful

I know you are here to make a difference

I know you could have the life you dream of and even much more

I know you are born to live a free, fulfilled, opulent, magnificent, exuberant, lavish, fun, prosperous life!

But do you know this?

I mean, REALLY know this?

You give lip service to it but then you keep doing things that crush your spirit AND you tell yourself that you must!

You are dying a little more each day

The fire within you is out


The Divine seeks to speak with you

Will you stop long enough to listen?

Will you love yourself enough to heal and rise up?

You are born for more, if you are willing to claim it…



12 lessons, 30 days to Happiness: Realign with your purpose, reconnect with unlimited power within, wake up and get back on the path to your destiny

You are off course, my love and it is time to slow down long enough to be redirected back to your destiny path

This is not the life you came here to live

You got conditioned into it and it will take deliberate action on your part to get back on your own narrow path to true, lasting prosperity in every area of your life as well as a deep sense of fulfilment.

You crave this

So, please start here…

Respond to the invitation to hear from the Divine

To return to your true design

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister


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