You are too scared to go into all the nitty-gritty detail of what you really desire out of life

Too scared to admit that you want something BIG!

Too scared to yell it from the rooftops on your FB profile

So scared of what people will think, if you fail

And let’s be honest, there is a part of you that thinks it is inevitable that you WILL fail

And so you stay small

Dabbling so that you can say you tried

But you KNOW…

You deep down KNOW that you are not really giving it your all


Trying to keep your feet in both camps

Both being an entrepreneur

And NOT being an entrepreneur

You don’t want to burn bridges

Honey, JUST GO AWAY already!

Just stop deceiving yourself

Ain’t nothing gonna work like that

So why bother even pretending to try?

It is the worst place to be in

Not relaxed or happy in your passive boring ‘responsible’ existence

And not committed to your true design life either

You are in the limbo land of HELL!

You want assurances, don’t you?

YOU want someone to tell you that it will all be okay if you go all the way in

And that the spiritual magic bullet where all the angels will come with your dream on a platter and hand it to you with the string orchestra playing a heavenly tune, will now appear because you finally said YES, to your own life…

Well, I am not that someone

I know you are capable of your calling

And I know that your vision is your permission

But I cannot assure you that you will stay on course to your true design, prosperous life

I CAN assure you that it will be tougher than you think it will be

And I can deter you from ever making the choice to commit to your dreams because honey, this path is not for the wimpy

I used to be wimpy

And then I went bankrupt and depressed

And finally I woke up and got committed to my real life

And yes, it was tough

Most people will NEVER go through what I went through and still sometimes, go through…

However, if I can deter you so easily from your own dreams then YES, you are better off getting back COMPLETELY on the broad path because this journey to true lasting prosperity is certainly not for you.

It takes grit




Courage, even on the days when fear is beating you up

Self belief, even on the days when you are being demolished by self-doubt

I can assure you that the reward is worth it, though let me be honest, it may not look like what you expect it to look like…

Yes, you can expect…





So Yes, that is definitely WORTH IT

But if you are too embarrassed to admit your dreams to yourself or anyone else…

Then I guess, you may as well quit now.

If however, you are truly in this to live a TRUE DESIGN life worth living…

If you are that spirit-driven soul determined to make at least $5K online changing lives and making a difference

Then start with a free copy of my book – The Deliberate Millionaire FREEDOM book: Live free, wealthy and on purpose

I don’t promise anything other than If you are truly willing and you choose to do life with me, I will do my utmost to walk with you through the darkness until you reach your promised land

No shortcuts over here on the DELIBERATE LIFE PATH

I will always be honest about what it takes

And I will cheer you on every step of the way

Start with the book

Read it/ Listen to it

You will hear from me as to next steps.

Much Amazing Love

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