Apples and Pears

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Here is another instalment on the weight loss section of Mum in Business.  Hope it takes your fancy.  Is there anything you would like to learn about, tell me in the comments and I will do a post on it in due course. 

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Anyway, back to the topic at hand – Today we are going to talk about …

Your body shape

So what do you look like?  Have you looked in the mirror lately?  Do you tend to put on weight in the same places? What would you say you were – an apple or a pear?  These seem to be the two major shapes that are considered when talking about the risk of disease.

So what do these mean? Let us take them one by one.

  1. Apple – This is where people carry a lot more weight around their tummies, just like an apple!  Last post was about waist measurement so this would be a perfect time to look over that and get a feel for where you fit in that regard.
  2. Pear – This is where most of your fat is found around the lower body – the bum and the thighs.

Now, how does each shape affect health?

For apples, carrying that extra weight around the belly and being overweight can be a source of trouble if left unchecked.  Obviously, as long as you are obese, then your shape really is irrelevant as you are at increased risk of disease but unfortunately, this is even more the case for apples.  For some reason, it has been noted that fat carried around the bum and thighs may actually have a bit of a protective effect.  This is regrettably opposite for fat carried around the tummy.  This tends towards weight-related diseases.

This obviously could be a concern for mothers particularly as sometimes we tend to carry that jelly belly for a while even when we lose weight.  This is definitely an area to target.  Get to those crunches, ladies!

Unfortunately, so far there is no understanding as to why people put on weight where they do so it really seems to be down to your genes.  You are likely to go the way of your parents which may be a good thing but if it is not, then definitely take care and take control of your weight.

The Ashwell Shape Chart

For an easy way to figure out whether you are in a safe range or not,  take a look at this free chart developed by Dr Margaret Ashwell OBE.  It is to be found here.

Using different colours, it tells you whether you are ok or need to take care or if you need to take ACTION now!  Easy to use.  Your Doctor or local pharmacist (it could even be me!) may use it while chatting to you about your weight.

Anyway, enough on apples and pears for now.  Speak soon!

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