Anyone Can Be A Wealthy Warrior – Not Everyone Leans In – Will You?

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Recently, we have seen the death of many celebrities – Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger – The thing they had in common was that they looked successful – they had the money, they had the prestige, they had the fame. They seemed to have it all and then their lives were snuffed out. 

And it does make you wonder what the whole point is.

So, you may mistakenly feel that having money is the problem – You start to think that becoming wealthy will not make you happy and I suppose you could be right but will poverty make you any happier?

Is it possible to have both money and happiness?

Somewhere inside you, you know that it is absolutely possible and yet you are surrounded by people who will consider you greedy if you say this out loud.

They want you to be satisfied with your lot, 
They want you to be comfortable, 
They want you to just go with the flow and do what they do, 
They want you to fit into their ideas of what people SHOULD do.

And you are just not like that!

You are fed up of pretending to be less than who you are. 
You are fed up of living below your means all the time, 
You are incredibly sick and tired of living life to suit everyone else, even though to date, a part of you has desperately wanted their approval – 
You KNOW you are different and you are fed of apologizing for it or even rebelling against the status quo.

You just want to break free and be yourself, making as much as you like, working as little as you like, doing what you want knowing that in the end, it WILL bring more prosperity to those around you (whether they have walked the path towards it or not!)

At heart, you are a warrior, you are a leader, you are peeling off your layers and you are becoming more fully yourself.

And yep, it feels scary but you just must do it!


Yes, you could chicken out and decide to only take one half of the equation – so you work fewer hours and feel kinda free but really, you are just living below what you are capable of.

And others behind you are watching.

They are watching and waiting for you to step into the leader that they know you are but yet, you cannot convince yourself yet.

There are people waiting on you – maybe youngsters. They are waiting for you to be the role model you could be if you would get past your fears.

Fearless Warrior, Arise!
Fearless Leader, Arise!

No one will give you permission – You just have to take it! You have to decide that your time is now.

Anyone can be a wealthy warrior, but not everyone can deal with the responsibility that comes with it, not everyone can face their fears and just step into that place of awesome-ness

Can YOU?

Are you one of us?

Flawed but determined.

Perfection not required.

Commitment ABSOLUTELY required.

Are you one of us?

If any of this resonates with you… The League Of Warriors Is HERE! – Mastermind group – you and 4 other people in a room once a month facing down the nonsense, decluttering and choosing to create wealth AND Happiness.

The only way in is via a powerful conversation with me – Are you ready? Send me a message now – Let’s talk – many apply, not everyone can be chosen.

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