I really should be going to sleep right about now but felt like cataloguing my day.  Here goes…

Actually before I really begin, let me mention that H is well on her way to recovery.  In fact, she is right at this moment playing with a blue cup and a swimming costume.  Not sure why but it is keeping her occupied so I am not complaining.  There is nothing quite like a curious little baby tapping away at your computer when you are trying to type with one hand and keep her away with the other. 😀 Thanks for the offers of help! Much appreciated!

Anyway, back to the story of the day.

A busy day again as I strive to fit in all the things I need to do to keep the business moving forward and yet also look after the children and their needs.  One thing I definitely learnt from last week was that I need to get someone else to do my leaflet–ing and leave them to it as it is possible that I am more of a distraction than a help.

( I just looked over at H and there is a little wet patch on my bed where she was playing with the cup, it seems there was water in the cup. AArgh! Must have been left there by one of her sisters who enjoy bringing their drinks into Mummy’s room for some reason and then leaving them behind! 🙁 I ‘love’ my babies!)

Aaaanyway, as a result of my need for help with leaflet-ing, I have put an ad on Gumtree and have now been inundated with emails asking about the position.   How does one decide who is good enough to be employed?  Some people sell themselves well in the one liner emails I am receiving, for instance, the brothers with a car who seem to have done it before and are willing to provide proof in the way of a reference.  I can imagine them taking one side of the road each and getting on with it with gusto as they are physically fit too!  OR should it be the husband and wife team who live in Birmingham and have experience in leaflet distribution.  OR the 29-year-old who wants to negotiate my price upwards as he can do all 10000 leaflets in a week!! (really!, he must be fitter than the brothers then!). OR even the guy (or girl) who sent an email saying simply ‘hi’ .

Well, I do not know, truth be told.  All I do know is that I definitely need someone to help and my family friend will only be available until school starts again.  He is so helpful and I KNOW he is doing exactly what I have asked as he is reliable that way but how do I know that about anyone I have just met?  Suggestions, gentle readers? Or are you as bemused as I am?

Apart from the lovely drama of choosing a leafletter, I visited three properties today and love them all so the question now is what to do next, how to make the figures work for both the lovely home-owners and myself.  One person already definitely said no (oh such a horrid word!) to my offer but there are two other potentials on the table.  However, I cannot buy every home so tomorrow will be a day to calculate things. I ran out of time to call a prospect back which is not a habit I intend to get into.  I want to always deliver on my promises even if it is just a phone call.

Anyway, onwards and upwards!.  By God’s grace, all this hard work will translate into profits soon!!!

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

Jer 29:11 The Message

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