And who said you had to?

This time tomorrow, I wil be on the way to Dubai – The end has come too soon!
Yes, it is my last night in Bali and I really should be asleep.
And as I type that word ‘Should’, it makes me shudder a little.
Too many people live with ‘shoulds’ in all areas of their life.
I should do this…
I should do that…
And they live as though they have no choice but to do whatever someone somewhere told them was the thing to do.
How frequently do you use the word ‘should’ when it comes to things you do not really want to do but feel you must do anyway?
Who said you had to?
Why do you still live by rules handed down to you by someone else…
Does it make you happy to do that?
OR do you think that doing what you want to do, would be ‘selfish’?  Another one of those words that keep people trapped in a life they no longer like.
What if you decided you were no longer going to do the ‘shoulds’ anymore or maybe, you’d like to redefine selfishness– What would happen then?
Uuum, let’s see…
Maybe life would get exciting again…
Instead of this deadness that surrounds you most of the time.
It is time to wake up, right?
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