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We went to Zippo’s Circus this evening and it was fun! I cannot help thinking that it must have been even more amazing when you could have more animals along and more daring acts but I imagine, health and safety regulations and cruelty to animal laws exclude certain acts from performing…

The Journey to the Circus

“Fifty eight Pounds!” yells tloml in jest at the kiddies in the back.  They, who have no concept of money, just yell back “the circus, the circus”.  I listen to this going on around me and smile.  This is the way of my babies and their daddy – he teases them, they yell back and finally everyone laughs and we all have fun.

We are all piled in the car on our way to the circus and we are all pretty excited.  The only member of the family to have visited the circus is the single white male amongst us – tloml – and even he cannot remember what it was like.

This impromptu trip is a result of driving past the lovely Merry Hill centre and all of a sudden, from the side of me is a yell (yes, we all do a whole lot of yelling!) and fingers point out the window at the vast tent that has appeared in the car park.  And then from the back joins E as they shout about wanting go there please, please, please…  Of course, they expect me to stop there and then and pile them out fo the car right into the circus that very minute but well, someone has got to have reserve and that person is mostly the mommy!

So we carry on home with the silence (very little of it) interspersed with pleadings about the circus.

“Have you called Aunty, Mommy? and we can go to the circus today?”

“No, honey, I have not called aunty yet, we are going home and then we can chat about it to Daddy and then Aunty” “Can we go to day, mommy?”

“Maybe, honey, let’s see what Daddy says and if it is on today”

“What of tomorrow, Mommy?”

“Lets see what happens”

And so on it goes…

Finally, we get home and out rush the girls to ask their Daddy about the circus.  Daddy seems interested so Mommy does a search and discovers that joy above all others, the circus is on this evening.  Out whips the money card and after a little bit of discussion about where to sit, we choose ringside and print out the tickets and all we have to do is wait 2.5 hours and we can go to the circus!

And that is how we came to be in the car, travelling towards the circus.

Arrival at the Circus

We park up and the girls are so excited they can hardly wait to rush out of the car. We pass the loos on our way to the circus and I hope against all hope that I do not have to visit them with the girls as I really do not like portable, temporary, outside loos.

We carry on our walk through to the entrance and have to pass a condiment stall with an array of tempting snacks and I give in to getting two buckets of popcorn – I LOVE Popcorn and I am training my girls well.  We are shown our seats and they are disappointing as even though they are ringside, they are the second row ringside and little kids cannot see over adults’ heads.  I began wishing I had bought seats further back as they were tiered and we would definitely have seen from there but hey ho…

The girls situated themselves between the adults and found a way to see the ring.

The Circus Show begins

First of all we have clowns, a girl and a guy who try to pump us up and they are okay.  I am not used to seeing girl clowns really so it is a bit of a novelty for me.

Next we have a lady on a motorcycle but upside down with her legs in the air.  Her legs are able to do all manner fo things which is pretty surprising as her legs were not the slimmest in the world but they seemed pretty strong and capable when they had balls being juggled on them and poles being spun and more.  It was pretty surprising in that ‘Wow, it looks simple but I know I could not do it’ kind of way.

And then there were some blonde horses, or should I say light brown as horses are probably not considered blonde really.  One of the horses was a cute little one with obviously brushed and beautified mane to make him look even more cute and he was adorable.

And then we had a clown and a lady wearing pink and black doing some funny somersaulting with the climax of this being the clown ending up with his trousers down and showing off his spotty underwear.  That was OK.

And then the Circus Ringmaster brought out some budgerigars in a range of pretty colours.  I really wish I had a decent camera with me but well… only had a mobile (I think that was all they allowed, anyway).  These little budgies performed a range of tricks, sometimes unwillingly though I could not decide if, this was part of the show or not.  They even went ski-ing down a slope at one point. Cute.

Next we had the clowns again, playing at cowboys and indians.  I did find this pretty amusing, especially when they performed their routine in slow motion.  It was hilarious.

It seems Africans have gone all Circus-y as well.  We had a group of African looking chaps doing some hip-hop dancing and jump roping.  It was like something out of [amazon_link id=”B000QRI3F6″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Jump In[/amazon_link] from Disney except not as polished.  A few mistakes here and there but overall a great performance which immediately led to a girl swinging on a trapeze in the air .  At this point, E whispers “That’s dangerous!”.  I nod in agreement, it does look dangerous as she swings and shifts her body in the air without the aid of a net.

At this point, we have an interlude…

Being Three at the Circus

So, its the interlude and as is to be expected, there are lovely items on sale – well, lovely to children at least, more like rubbish to adults.  E has set her heart on a whirling, twirling, light-laden object which has no name that I am aware of.  Tloml is not willing to buy this item for her though truth be told, on my own with them they would probably be back here with hands full of what can only be called ‘tat’!.  However, we must show a united front so I have to listen to her start up her whining machine and mothers, you know what it can be like…

The evening is, of course, ruined for her as she cannot have this twirling thing.  Unfortunately, she is also 3 and has now run out of staying power and would really rather go home now but as we have paid for this, we are staying for this!

No, Zippos’ is probably not the best place for a three-year old unless they are particularly capable of sitting still for about 2 and a half hours, E is not 🙂 and she is making it known!

E hopes to chip away at her dad’s resolve with tears but doesn’t realise, she is battling against her very own nature reflected in her father, except it is more refined and forged solid with time so she has no chance.  She does not realise this so she carries on trying to get her own way.

Mum is in the middle, trying to keep the peace! 😀

Finally the interlude is over, the lights dim and the show recommences.

Thank God for that, I think.

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