An Affirmation Of The Courage To Be Yourself

By December 6, 2020February 22nd, 2021Affirmations

I now have the courage to be myself

I now have the courage to perceive and act upon my own truth

I now have the courage to trust myself

I now have the courage to speak that which is on my heart to speak

I am one with the Divine

There is no mistake about my being here on this planet at this time

There is something uniquely mine that I am here to deliver to the planet

I now have the courage to bring my uniqueness forth

I am ready to be all that I am created to be

I am ready to live into the fullness of my potential


I call upon every loving, empowering energy within the Universe to back me up right now

I am open to loving guidance

I now have the courage to follow through and I am DETERMINED TO follow through

Thank You, Divine, for your loving assistance

Thank You, Divine, that You remind me of who I truly am

I rise victorious NOW in my true design

I leave behind the fears and limiting stories of the past

I put on my courage

I am bold

I am brave


And so it is.

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Much Amazing Love

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