You have some money…

But it never seems enough…

You have ideas for things you can do to elevate your income…

But you never seem to follow through…

The book remains unfinished…

You start to create that piece of art or music but you never complete it…

You dream and think about adding that product to your line but you never quite do the work to bring it to life…

You want to move away from one to one and add on a group program but you never quite manage it…

And you tell yourself that it is a lack of time…

Or that you are not sure what to do yet…

Or that you want to make it perfect…

Or that you have responsibilities and anyway, you are lucky to be making what you are making so be grateful…

Or you blame the bank for not giving you the credit line…

Or the government for squeezing out every penny from you…

Or some other thing that sounds so sensible but ultimately, takes the focus off you – the only thing you can actually do anything about!

Honey, take a moment and realise the truth of this statement

“The amount of money I am making right now is a reflection of how much I think I am worth”

Did that hit you right in the heart?

Or did you immediately try to gloss over it?

Did you roll your eyes and pretend that it did not affect you…

Because you are that practical person who believes that it is simply about the tips and tricks and strategies…

You keep looking for that next strategy that will propel you forward and you refuse to dwell on what is going on inside of you…

Honey, if you do not think you are worth the income increase, YOU WILL NEVER ALLOW IT!

Never, EVER!

You can find and apply every single strategy under the sun and it WILL NOT WORK!

And truth be told, you will even find it hard to stay consistent with any of the new strategies you learn…

Because there is a battle going on inside of you…

One where you don’t think that you have a right to more money because you are simply not worth it…

You judge yourself and find yourself wanting and you expect that the marketplace will also find you wanting and so you hold back and sometimes, you do not even notice that you are doing it.

Other times, you do notice that you are holding back and playing small and it makes you feel angry at yourself (as if that will help anything!)

Now, you have to make a decision

Are you content to stay at this level?  This survival level where you have just enough…

OK, then continue doing what you are doing.  Enjoy!

Or are you willing to do what it takes to build an empire that makes you money even when you are not working your fingers to the bone?

Are you willing to create the life you are meant to live?

Are you willing to monetize your purpose?

Are you willing to make a dent on the planet while making a lot of money?

If the latter, then it is time to do the deep work on your self-worth!

It is time to see you as you really are…

It is time to elevate your self in your own eyes so that you can go into the marketplace confident, sure that what you have is what your people need.

And then your money will also increase.

You will elevate your lifestyle…

You will serve more of the people you are called to serve…

You will experience freedom and abundance in a way that has been held back from you to date.

I can help with this.

Work with me, one on one, to conquer any and all internal blocks and to map out and roll out a marketing strategy that works to deliberately design the epic life and business you know you are meant to have!


This is for you if you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur wanting support to uplevel your profits…

Or you are a professional ready to transition into your own profitable, purpose-driven business…

You are willing to do the internal and the external work to get results

This is best for people who feel called to impact more people and are/or about to be

– Service Providers Who Want To Get Clients Online or build out a group program
– Writers
– Musicians
– Artists
– eCommerce store owners
– Starting/Growing a ministry using social media

This is a high level program and you can expect

? Your income to increase massively

? to be free of crazy relationships that keep you stuck in place

? To be free of religious nonsense that stops you doing what you need to do to get abundant results

? Incredible connection to Your Higher Power

?A purpose-driven business that changes lives

? A deep sense of wholeness and wellness inside, knowledge that you are on path

? To be confident in making offers and asking people to pay you handsomely for what you choose to deliver to the world

? To Know your unique gifts, talents, strengths and a battle plan to get them into the marketplace serving people and making you money

? To feel certainty inside that you are on the right path and to show that in the marketplace so that others are able to trust you

? To confidently shine your light

? To have more influence and impact than ever before so that you can actually help the people you are called to serve.

? To be a role model for your family and because you level up so much, you can be the source of change for your whole family!

? To stop resisting money and the receipt of it! You will finally allow yourself to receive AND KEEP what is yours by birth

? To stop self-sabotaging and to handle the impostor syndrome so that it stops getting in your path

? To have a social media and online marketing strategy that generates prospects and sales quickly

Included in the program, You Get…

One 3 Hour session where we map out a marketing plan for our time together as well as handle any immediate internal issues that may come up.

18 Deep Transformational Coaching sessions one on one with me over a 6 month period, completely tailored to your needs

Some Technical Assistance or access to my preferred freelancers to help you

You will have access to these 6 bestselling, transformational programs –

? BRAIN TRAINING – Think Rich, Act Rich, Get Rich

✨PASSION INTO PROFITS – Take what Is Inside of You & Create A $300 A Day Business

?SPIRIT SEX SUCCESS – Be the Confident, influential leader that customers, clients, recruits want to work with

? DM PLATINUM HIGH LEVEL STRATEGY – The strategy that will take you to six figures fast

? ROCK SOLID SELF BELIEF: The 30 day program to build your self-belief

? CONFIDENT CREATIVE MONEY MAKER: Unleash your creativity confidently in the marketplace and convert it into cash in 30 days

?SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR: Handle the blocks in your spirituality so that you can be the profitable entrepreneur you are born to be

Within a few months of working with me, clients tend to open up new income streams, start doing the real work they want to do, feel massively confident in their ability to show up in their relationships, feel a deep connection to their higher power, less time doing work that does not get them results and much more.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


It is your day for Fortune Restoration & Expansion if you are willing to create & receive.  


I can help.


Come immerse yourself in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE & PLENTY using one of these 3 options.


OPTION 1: Completely rewire your mindset for increased happiness and prosperity with an immersion in THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN to the ever-increasing catalogue of business, spiritual and personal growth programs within the library.  Find out more at and begin your immersion. Unlock your true potential and take back dominion over your money, relationships and energy right now.


OPTION 2: If you are a spiritual entrepreneur determined to grow or start your divinely inspired online business and take it to $5K or more in monthly income, come do life with me in THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY.  Find out all the information at


OPTION 3: WORK WITH ME PRIVATELY: GET YOUR PERSONAL PROSPERITY PRESCRIPTION in the 90 Minute Deep Dive UNLOCK PROSPERITY session where we uncover your true design life, identify and clear the blocks to peace and plenty and you leave with a clear strategy to break through to your next level of prosperity in all areas of life.  Find out all the details at


Much Amazing Love 

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