Am I wrong for trying to reach the things that I can’t see?

Am I Wrong

Been to church today and in the car, I heard the song ‘Am I wrong?’ by Nico & Vinz and ok… I don’t actually know all of the song but it got me thinking…


There are times when you will have people asking you what on earth you are doing trying so hard to leave behind your current way of living? After all, they have always lived a certain way so how dare you think you can go above your ‘station’ in life?


Heck, you will even have your own crazy head asking you why on earth you think you can get where you want to go?


And you may start to question why on earth you keep putting yourself out?


Are you wrong for trying to reach the things that you can’t see?


Emphatically, NO!!!!


You are not wrong.


You would be wrong for refusing to allow yourself to grow into all that you are capable of, just because others doubt you and themselves.


OK, yes you do need to work on your own self-belief because if you don’t, you will keep taking one step forward and 20 steps back.


Because you’ll self-sabotage every step of the way by considering yourself wrong for trying to reach those dizzy heights you dream of.


And for some of you, the fact that you keep thinking that God does not want you to succeed means you will feel wrong every time you try or even think of trying.


And then because you are a moral person, of course, you will never let yourself do anything that you consider to be morally wrong… Would you?


So, you keep going round and round in your head wondering why you do not succeed and too scared to question God because He might send bolts of lightning down to destroy your mercenary bum.


So, you stay broke… and feel wrong!


OK, ask yourself this question and record the feelings that come up…


“Why am I so comfortable with money?”


or be even more specific…

“Why am I so comfortable with creating ___________________ each year?”


Fill in the gap and be specific about the sum. And then, write down as many answers as you can come up with.

Leave a comment below to tell me your answer…

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