The 7 Part Deliberate Video Immersion Series: How To Build Trust In Your Ability To Create As Much Wealth As You Desire While Living Life The Way You Want To!


You know it, you know it, YOU KNOW IT!  

You are born for something more.  

You are here to go beyond your ancestors.  

You are here to create an amazing life experience for yourself and for those you love.  


You want to travel  

You want to experience more of the world  

You want to wake up feeling joyous and alive  

You want to feel like money is flowing easily to you, from everywhere and anywhere  

You want to be soooo intimately connected to the Source of all that is  

You want to know that everything is always working out for you  

You want to feel lucky, blessed and all awesome things.  

And there is a part of you that KNOWS this is possible  

But also a great part of you that is beginning to wonder if it is possible FOR YOU.  

You have lost trust  

You have tried many things and they have not worked like you hoped  

Life has not always felt great  

And now, you wonder if you are crazy to think that you can have all that you desire.  

Well, aren’t you lucky to have me in your life to remind you?  

To remind you of your dreams and your possibilities and of who you really are  

I know life has not always seemed fair and things have happened that probably should not have happened  

But I also know that you are more powerful than you realise to take all that nonsense and turn it into gold… IF YOU WILL ALLOW YOURSELF TO  

And so, I bring to you…


✅ Discover how to return to innocence: That time in your life when you knew anything was possible for you and learn how to use those feelings of possibility to create the life you desire now  

✅ Discover how to shed the pain of the nonsense that has happened and turn it into something beautiful and abundant and wholesome  

✅ Tap back into intimate loving connection to yoru higher power and learn to trust and have faith that everything is always working out for you and beyond that, stay the course until it is your new reality  

✅ Learn how to open up to receiving money from every single direction - End the internal resistance that keeps wealth away from you  

✅ How to cultivate a calm mind that sees the reality of what is developing rather than a panicked worried existence that feels so drained of energy all the time and low of mood.


❶ Come into the OPULENCE CIRCLE and access this in addition to all my other programs - Join discussion, share your heart and get specific support and also get access to every other program I have released plus will release (and y’all know how prolific I am!) - Get all your spiritual, personal and business growth in one place.  

❷ OR get it as a standalone program to work through at home - An excellent way to access transformational information if not quite ready to do life with me yet. You will receive the first video immediately and then every other day, you will receive another part until you receive all 7 parts.

Both options are below.  

Pick the one that suits you.

If you are done with getting in the way of your own money and you are ready to open up and allow wealth to flow, then grab your copy of this program by clicking the button below




I am Rosemary Nonny Knight (RNK) Prosperity MInister. 

Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist, stuck with my big ideas of what I wanted to make happen. I had a vision of supporting a large number of people to live into their calling but I just did not know how to make it a reality. So I stayed stuck, disbelieving my own vision, feeling deluded to think that I could make it happen but the universe had other ideas for me. While I clung desperately to my victim story, I allowed myself to go bankrupt and get depressed and out of the rockbottom, I realised that I had tried it the way of the regular world and maybe, it was now time to give the Divine a chance to co-create something amazing with me.  

I learnt that I had to release A LOT Of my old way of thinking to create ANY kind of success on my own terms and I realised that my clients also had to do that because no matter how many times I would tell them exactly what to do, while their mind was set to normal, they were simply unable to do the work.

I started to help them release old ways of thinking, same as I had had to and before I knew it, they were able to create the lives they desired.

Not everyone chooses to work with me privately and invest the $2500 a month that my clients pay and I really can only work with so many people and so now, I create Deliberate Immersion Series that support more people in releasing old ways of thinking. You can access them all within the OPULENCE CIRCLE or you can buy them as standalone programs. Either way, your life will be elevated.