There are days when it feels like wave upon wave of pain is dropping upon you.

Know that it will pass.

Know that you are simply processing stuff and nonsense from the past.

You will come out stronger.

Do not seek to resolve too soon.

Do not seek to suppress.

Do not resist.

You have enough crazy layers of suppressed emotions and weird beliefs, stop adding to it by resisting this.

Let the waves of pain be felt, processed and they will flow away.

Do not identify with the wave.

It is not YOU.

It is just a layer on top of you that keeps you from experiencing prosperity in the way you desire and so, it is being processed so that it can be dissolved.

It is happening for you.


I like to whisper the words “I love you” repeatedly or even ‘Thank you’ as the waves flow over me.

I know I am becoming stronger, more resilient and tapping more into my power as I allow these fierce emotions to flow through and be processed.

Though at times, I may want to run but I stay, I hold my ground, I allow myself to feel and process. I cry if I need to, yell, scream, wail if alone in the car or somewhere where no one can hear me.

I lean deeper into the Divine and feel myself as loved. He is ever with me as I work through the pain.

And yes, I remember repeatedly that it is all happening FOR me, not to me.

And with my eyes firmly fixed on my vision, I take the next step.

Do not be those who refuse to feel & heal.

Do not be one who immediately seeks to distract yourself so as not to face the pain.

Do not be one who thinks that if you see and feel the pain, it will take you over forever.

It will not.

You will see.

You will process.

You will heal.

You will prosper.


You are being elevated.


You are called to be history maker, wayshower, bringer of the new, LEADER.


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Much Amazing Love

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