I see you, honey…

There is a part of you that really does not believe that you can be your spiritual self and also make money online doing what you love…

I SEE you, honey…

Putting on a show of trying hard to get things going but not really giving it your all because there is fear that you will fail…

I KNOW you, honey…

Because I was you – talking about the ‘one day’ life when I would get to do what I dream of doing…

And staying stuck in my pharmacist career because I felt it was the responsible thing to do

It took bankruptcy and a 4 year long depression to finally allow myself to do what I was called and born to do.

It is time to stop the separation between your practical side and your spiritual side

It is time to allow yourself to be your spiritual self in the ‘real’ world

And be unapologetic about asking people to pay you for what you offer…

Don’t you know that you cannot baby people to growth?

They have to play their part so stop thinking you do a kindness when you give away your hard-won gifts and strengths for free…

Why would you deny them their growth, honey?

There is a time and a place for pro bono work but it is not ALL THE TIME

This is why you must be so connected to Source so that you can truly hear & know the best action to take, not just guess based on your past conditioning which tells you that to be spiritual and nice means to give it all away.

That just leads to being broke!

And only because YOU allow it to be so

BREAK FREE of the conditioning…

All you need to do is begin communicating authentically

Capture people onto your social media platforms and your mailing list – YES, there is no hiding anymore behind your computer! Show up and shine bright!  Let no one be able to ignore you.

Close them by asking for the sale – No subterfuge required.  Just tell them how to work with you and how much it will cost.

Do it boldly

Do it with confidence

Do it relentlessly

Do it because you deserve to be fulfilled and joy-filled

Do it because your family deserves the very best of you, not the dregs after a hard day doing what you do not want to do

Do it because the world needs you to rise up and be the new breed leader you are born to be and you can reach more people when you allow your business to make more money!

This is a spiritual journey, honey: One of growth and expansion

Will you allow yourself to prosper?

Here is another reason to go all in…

Because it is SOOOO much fun to live into your actual purpose and see just how powerful you are.

I astound myself daily and I LOVE IT!

Join me.

And before you go, RICH SPIRIT-DRIVEN BIZ BOSS is here.

I am giving it all away

Everything I learnt about building business to $5k and above, from coaches and mentors I paid over $100k to work with…

You are getting all of that for a fraction of the price I paid for it

Everything you need to combine the spiritual with the practical and see amazing results fast

If you are willing to do what it takes to grow internally and make at least $5k online externally, then honey, this is for you.

Let’s take those skills, experiences, strengths and use them to serve people and create wealth for you


Much Amazing Love

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