OK, so I am all about owning your warrior self and getting very deliberate about your mood and all of that.

And I am also about not allowing self-love or spirituality to be a reason to lower your standards.

But sometimes, it is okay to just take a moment and lick your wounds.

This journey to the best of everything can be heartbreaking at times and all the pressure to be OK and STRONG and PERFECT can push emotions down under the surface waiting to wreak havoc at a later time.

Lean into the Divine & Cry if you have to.

WAIL AND SCREAM if you need to.

Allow the intensity to pass as you are surrounded by unconditional love.

And THEN, remember what you desire and why you are doing this.

And carry on.

Sometimes, you carry on while crying but please, don’t try to stifle it and tell yourself not to feel what you feel.

Just let the crazy emotion pass through you. Do not try to bottle it up and make it go away. See the irony there – You can’t bottle it up and at the same time, make it go away.

Self love sometimes is about feeling what you feel.

The idea is to allow the feelings to pass through you, not to store them up.

They always do pass, eventually.

Come back to the vision as many times as you can and just allow yourself to naturally elevate. Your true design state is happy so you will finally get back there.

Trust that you will not allow yourself to wallow beyond what is necessary to heal.

Do not beat yourself up.

Allow yourself to feel.


Come clear the inner blocks to peace and plenty.

Come power up your intentions.

Come rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN life.

YOu have no idea just how awesome life can get when you are free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched.

So come.

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Much Amazing Love

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