The past is the past.

It is gone.

You will not get it back.

And honestly, you don’t want to.

It was not that great.

Annoying people, including relatives and friends.

Boring jobs and irritating colleagues.

Energy so low, you could hardly get out of bed in the morning but you are nothing if not pig-headed so you just kept maintaining the picture of normalcy with a massive grin on your face as though you had no care in the world.

Everyone wanting a piece of you because they saw qualities in you that you could not seem to see in yourself so you were always helping someone with their own agenda and no one ever seemed to care about yours. You did not seem to care about yours so why would anyone else?!

Vision placed on a shelf somewhere deep inside with the pretend hope that you would pick it up one day and ‘make it happen’ when life seemed easier, less stressful, less overwhelming and the children grown, the parents dead, the siblings sorted out etc.

As if there would ever be such a moment in the life YOU DESIGNED to be so distracting.

Yes, my love, you created it that way because you KNEW that it was not your path and the only way you could stomach living it everyday was to be SOOOOOO busy, you had no time to think about what you really wanted.

So, stop holding on to all that nonsense.

This is your moment for everything to change.

This is your time to stop panicking and stressing out and simply allow it all to fall away as you finally get the time you had been hoping for.

The time to reinvent yourself.

To become the YOU you know you have always wanted to be.

Yes, some people will not like it but again, you did not overly like them. YOu put up with it all because you have a good heart and also, because you were scared of being alone.

Well, now you hear the Divine whispering the truth to you in this post.

LET GO of the old, my love.

It is time for something new to emerge and it could be whatever you want.

But we gotta get you believing that all things are truly possible for you.

Your mind has been too immersed in nonsense for too long.

And it is time to replace the nonsense with new, more empowering thoughts and beliefs.

THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY is here to help you do exactly that.

I know that what you really truly want is your free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life.

And the library of immersion programs I have put together for you will help you do EXACTLY that.

Stop holding back from what you know is your next move.

Leave behind the pain of the past, my love.

Leave behind the sad stories.

Forge a new life experience for yourself.

You are worthy of it.

Start your 30 day immersion for just $22.22

Much Amazing Love

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