Really hear that statement, my love.

All people are strong enough to sustain their own life

Whose life are you trying hard to sustain?

Which person or persons are eating into your energy so completely that you do not have the energy to dream your own dreams and create your own vision?


They may have been trained to believe they need to suck others dry in order to survive but YOU DO NOT NEED TO KEEP ENABLING THAT!

You have definitely been conditioned to believe you have to keep giving and giving and giving, even when you feel drained and resentful.  Your own needs are not supposed to matter.

You have probably also had the belief implanted in you that you will end up forsaken and alone, if you do not keep being the saviour of the world.

Whether you realise it or not, you do see others as weaker than you and in need of your constant support because they will ‘die’ without you and the world will cease to function if you do not save the day.

That is just you trying to get your own emotional needs met, by being the saviour instead of the victim but it is all just 2 sides of the same coin. You both are acting like victims except you are justifying your victimhood by thinking ‘you are blessed to be a blessing’ or acting the ‘victim’ of your ‘superhuman ability to overcome while others can’t’ and of your ‘divine calling to help EVERYONE’.

And you almost definitely believe it makes you a good person worthy of eternal paradise, if you keep self-sacrificing.

AWaken, my love.


There is so much more to life than what you have condemned yourself to.

And if you are ready to be free to live your own life, I can help in one of these 2 ways.

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Much Amazing Love.


And no, my love, YOUR SITUATION is not an exception!

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