“The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters!”

From The Bible (Passion translation)

I gotta be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with this bible book and the chances are, that you do too…

Let’s just be honest about that from the outset, ok?

And if someone has used this book as a reason to make you feel unloved, can I apologize on their behalf and ask you to just get over it.  It is just a book and people can use it to do any old thing – It is not the Divine’s desire to hate part of Himself…

Though people with their ideas and their trying to appease a being they do not really know, can use it to mean anything they want it to mean.

I can too, I suppose

So, only listen to me if what I say, resonates with the truth within you.

We all know truth…

We have just learnt to ignore it in favour of someone else’s truth…

Go back to the start

Go back to your true design

Go back to who you are

Strip off the layers that events, people, circumstance placed on you…

And feel the truth of who you are.

Then be that.

Because as the verse says, the entire universe is yearning to see you unveiled.

Yes you!

Glorious Son/Daughter!


With all those awesome ideas inside you…

That is who we all wait to see…

YOU, the totally loved one!

That is who I seek to awaken!

But you are caught up…

All caught up in hurt

And pain

And trying to blend in

And live to other people’s designs for you

Even though it makes you feel YUK

But you think you have to do it in order to prosper

But are you prospering?

Are you truly prospering?

Or do you feel like you are living life contorted – trying to make your experience be ok even though it is not?

And do you find yourself wondering if this is it?

Is this all you have to look forward to?

IS this going to be your whole life?

Ever silencing the fire within you?

Ever dreaming dreams but continually waiting for the ‘right’ day to begin to bring them to life?

Ever working a job you do not much like

Or settling for a business that hardly funds the life you desire…

Or settling for a relationship where you have to silence your deeply felt needs because you might lose the other person…

Or settling for no relationship because it feels like all the good people have been taken and you are now condemned to be alone…

And so you lose yourself in your children or your parents, trying to make it enough for you to live for them but WHERE ARE YOU IN ALL THAT?

Or maybe it is your health – Will you ever feel anything other than tired and weak and like your body has given up?

Or will you continue to feel like you have no control over your weight?


I have this vision…

A vision of 334000 people awakened…

Living to their true design…

I know that when we all really tap into that, we can change the world…


Because the Divine made no mistake when you were created the way you were…

With your specific dreams and visions in place…

That vision you carry is your permission

It tells you that you have access to all the resources you need to bring that vision to life…

But you have choice

You can continue to live to a false design

I did it

I tried to follow along with all the rules, all the plans others thought would work best for me…

And I got so far but it never felt all that good…

And Now I am thankful that it never really worked because I may have been tempted to settle for it

To just ‘get through’ life

Rather than have a blast as I experience the joy of living the way I am meant to live

What of you?

Will you remain hidden?

Living to your false design

Or will you dare to come truly alive

Will you dare to make room for your real life to shine through

Will you start to do the things that you dream of doing

Will you become the creator you know you are?

Will you stop downplaying the things you want to do?

The books

The music

the art

the thoughts you want to share

the beauty you want to bring into the world…

The lessons you want to teach

You may even want to counsel, heal

Or maybe you want to create something out of the blue…

Don’t you see that you have that desire because it is yours to create

I know I say this all the time but ARE YOU LISTENING?

There is a way to do ONLY what you desire to do

AND TO LIVE WELL while doing it

But it takes boldness

And courage

And a DECISION not to settle anymore…

As spiritual people, we know that the Divine is our Source, right?

WE know we can trust that, right?!

And we know that we will always receive in ‘who knows what way’ all that we ask for and allow ourselves to receive!

Because there are no limits to the supply

There is just a closed-off receiving channel

Because you have bought into the ‘real’ nonsense…

You think that unless you do things the way the regular world wants you to do then you will not survive…

It is not true.

But I know it takes faith and it does take a unique person to really truly go all in…

Everyone can be that person

Will you be that person?

Will you immerse yourself in a new way of being, thinking, acting?

Will you AWAKEN the truth of who you are, within you?

Will you allow it to come on out so that you can truly experience full prosperity?

Will you be Fulfilled, free, abundant and LOVE in the world?

the call is out

Will you respond?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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