You do not know what is around the corner

You do not know the moment when everything will suddenly take a 180 turn swiftly to the full realisation of your highest good…

All you have is the next step

And this very moment in which to take it.

You can give into the fear, if you choose

You can give into the anxiety and the self-doubt

Or you can just keep taking the next step

Why is it so easy for you to believe that the worst will happen?

When you could also very easily believe the best?

Yes, I know that you feel you have experiences that prove the worst happens…

But is that true?!

Really truly true?

I do not take away the pain you have been through

But has it really all been pain?

Because honey, sometimes, you live as though it has

You live as though you have to protect yourself from all the pain that is absolutely coming your way

Don’t you see where your faith is taking you?

And it would be as easy to lock in on the good things that have happened to you…

It would be as easy to create a picture of a life that has mostly gone ok…

Because you are here, at this moment…

You are not dead

You are alive and stronger right now than ever before

So obviously, something is going right

And yes, everything can change in a second

That next person you speak to, as you follow the intuitive nudge

or that next action you take…

Could be the change you are looking for

Do not let the fear, the anxiety, the pain take you away from your destiny

Continue to pull your mind back to hope, love, joy, positive expectation

Pull your mind back as many times as you need to

Do not give in


And really, deeply, surely you know that everything is always working out for your highest good as long as you stay on track to your purpose-driven life.

Argue with me, if you will

But you would just be arguing to keep your sadness and why the heck would you do that?!!!

No, honey, choose joy

Choose positivity

Choose to believe in your vision and your ability to carry out

And have full expectation that as you play your part and keep taking the next step towards it, everything will change for your good in an instant.

Live expecting every moment to be THAT moment.

Because one day, you will look back and you will realise that you have not worried about the thing you were so concerned about today, in such a long time because it is gone, changed, done with.

You will look back and see that everything changed for your good

And simply because you kept your mind on the vision

And you kept moving forward.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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