Affirmation To Prioritize Yourself & Your Happiness

By January 2, 2021March 5th, 2021Self Development

Today, I make myself a priority in my own life.
Today, I CHOOSE to feel good.
Today, I CHOOSE to focus on feeling good within myself
I know it is my natural state. I know it is the state where I more easily prosper and so, I am willing to release every obstacle to my ability to feel good
I deliberately connect to the Divine & I pay attention to my inner world
I notice when anything separates me from my ONE TRUE SOURCE and I flow Divine love to it and dissolve it or I simply walk away.
Today, I choose to be very deliberate about feeling good and creating greater prosperity in my life.
I am worthy of it and I choose to claim it.
I say YES to prosperity
I say YES to feeling good
I say YES to ME
I decree that today is a wonderful day.
I give thanks for such a wonderful day!

Hey, I highly recommend you read and re-read that.  Say it out loud, if possible.  There are secrets in there that will change your life, if only you would notice and apply them.

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Much Amazing Love

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