Affirmation To Confirm That You Are Enough

By December 2, 2020February 21st, 2021Self Development

I am enough

There is nothing more that I need to do, in order to be enough.

I am enough

There is nothing more I need to be, in order to be enough

Right now, I allow Divine love to flow through me and dissolve all thoughts that oppose this simple truth that I am enough

I lean into the Divine

I open my heart up more fully to Divine love

I am taking all the false limits off, I allow them to be dissolved in this Divine love flow

I clarify my vision of prosperity while enjoying the peace of the Divine’s loving presence

I feel Divine love flowing freely through me, drawing to me all the elements of my vision

And I am guided step by step to the physical manifestation of my every desire


I allow it to be simple


I allow life to be easy


Thank You

Thank You


IT IS DONE and I revel in the glorious unfolding of my TRUE DESIGN prosperous vision.


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Much Amazing Love

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