Affirmation On Owning The Power Of You

By January 4, 2021March 7th, 2021Self Development

I Am uncovering the real me & I like what I see

I Am uncovering the truth of me & I love all that I am

I AM freeing myself from the expectations of others – I AM FREE TO BE ME

I know that I am loved by the Divine & that THAT LOVE is limitless and unconditional so I know that I AM safe

From this moment forward, I allow the real me to be awakened fully

I release all fear of being rejected, abandoned or unloved


I let MY unique light shine as I choose to be ME

I let those who align with my TRUE DESIGN self, be drawn into my life

I bless and release, with ease, those who don’t

I LOVE who I am revealing myself to be

I love ME


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Much Amazing Love

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