Affirmation Of Safety

By January 12, 2021March 8th, 2021Affirmations

I AM safe

Life Supports me

I AM safe

Everything is always working out for my good

I AM safe

I can be happy and wealthy now

I release old stories of being powerless.  I release them to be dissolved and resolved in Divine love

I see now that I AM safe & I can allow myself to step firmly into increased wealth & happiness right now

I deserve it

I am worthy of it

It is my right to be wealthy and happy

I AM safe now to claim it fully.

My Divine inheritance is right here within my reach.

With the full support of the Divine, I step forward & create it into my physical reality

I AM safe & I play full out to create & allow all the happiness and prosperity I desire.

Thank You Divine for revealing this truth to me – I AM SAFE & I can be happy and wealthy NOW!


IT IS DONE!  I accept it.  Thank You!

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Much Amazing Love

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