Affirmation Of Safety & Worthiness

By December 19, 2020February 28th, 2021Affirmations

I am safe. I AM enough

I AM safe. I AM enough

I AM Safe. I AM Powerful & I AM Enough.

I remember who I am. I KNOW my true design

I AM one with the Divine & Divine love energy that created everything, flows through me.

OF COURSE, I am safe, powerful & enough

Right now, I feel Divine love dissolving any idea that opposes the truth of who I am.

I see the lie dissolving & I feel lighter inside.  I feel a deep sense of peace increasing within me.

I face the day with renewed vigour & enthusiasm for I KNOW that I AM safe, enough & powerful.

I see everything happening in perfect synchronicity for me today as I maintain this inner knowing of who I am.

I feel life itself supporting me, in each moment.

I AM SO grateful for this day

I AM SO GRATEFUL that I get to experience today

Today is a great day

Yes, I am safe. I AM powerful & I AM enough.

Woohoo! Thank You!

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Much Amazing Love

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