Affirmation Of Life Getting Better & Better

By February 11, 2021March 28th, 2021Self Development

I allow my life to get better and better

I allow myself to soar on the wings of Divine love

I release the belief that life can only get so good before something bad must happen

I notice that fear within me & I focus Divine love on it to dissolve it right now

I ALLOW my life to get better and better and better

There is no end to how good my life can get

I allow myself to rise victorious in my free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life

I AM royalty & the authority in my life

What I decree, comes to pass ALWAYS

I know my every need & desire is always met

I KNOW I am worthy of a prosperous, powerful existence

I feel the flow of Divine love within & all around me, right now

I am on the path of expansion

I am on course to EVERYTHING I desire

I capture the essence of my vision right now & I embody it fully

I am confident in my ability to create & sustain my prosperous vision for I am not alone

I am fully supported by You, Divine

I love & trust You

Your love within me is my one true source of supply

I am whole in You

Woohoooo!  My life just keeps expanding to greater and greater heights.

How excellent life is!


Thank You!

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Much Amazing Love

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