I choose to live an unlimited life

I choose to fulfil my destiny

I choose to be all that I can be in this life


I love myself enough to turn away from noise, drama and turmoil

I choose instead to focus into Divine love, peace & joy

I allow Divine love to flow through me, resolving all parts of my life, releasing me from the pain & limiting ideas of the past

I feel renewed, refreshed & rejuvenated as I focus into Divine love, peace & joy

I see more clearly as I focus into Divine love, peace, joy

I become a clear channel for ever-increasing prosperity as I focus into Divine love, peace, joy

I AM ONE with Divine Love – I feel it surging through me, lifting me, loving me, cleansing me, restoring my strength.  THANK YOU

I AM ONE with Divine peace – I feel myself lifted above the noise.  I see the big picture of my vision & I know my next step.  THANK YOU!

I AM ONE with Divine joy – I feel exhilarated.  I feel blissful. I feel enthusiasm for my life.  I see the finished vision. I am in the finished vision & I am filled with glee.  THANK YOU!

Yes, I choose again to life an unlimited life


Thank You, Divine.

Thank You for reminding me of my power to create a beautiful life.



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Much Amazing Love

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