Affirmation For When Things Have NOT Gone to Plan

By January 17, 2021March 10th, 2021Affirmations

I can pick myself up again

I can pick myself up as many times as I need to, in order to reach my goals

I can do hard things

I will not be broken

I can let go of the desperation, disappointment & despair – I see it all being dissolved in Divine Love right now

I can see the truth of the matter – None of this means anything about ME.

I AM still enough

I AM still worthy

I AM still important

I AM still safe

I AM grateful that I have just learnt another thing not to do

I can STILL create the life that I desire

You, Divine, are on my side

I can trust YOU

You are my solid foundation – I will not be shaken.

I got this

I choose to enjoy this journey

I choose to uncover the gifts in this and every situation

There is purpose & meaning in all of it

There is hope


Thank You.

And so it is.

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Much Amazing Love

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