Affirmation & Agreement to Be Happy & Wealthy

By January 20, 2021March 12th, 2021Self Development

I AM safe

I can be happy and wealthy now

I choose to be happy and wealthy now

I choose to allow iit to be easy

I choose to believe in myself

It is my choice

I sit here with You, Divine & Ii choose happiness and wealth now

II feel the flow of Your love establishing happiness and wealth within my heart now

I feel the flow of Your love detangling the roots of bitterness and scarcity

I feel the flow of Your love dissolving these roots

I let them go.  It is safe to let them go.

I choose happiness & wealth

I allow happiness and wealth


I breathe in happiness and wealth

I AM one with happiness and wealth

I feel loved

I feel supported

I feel safe

I am allowing myself to be happy and wealthy

I feel a surge of glee flooding through me

How lovely it is to be happy & wealthy

I see my life unfolding in happier ways

I feel myself being guided easily to new approaches to happiness and wealth

I say YES to this

I allow myself to be propelled forward

It feels so right

II am becoming happier and wealthier now & it feels so good

I AM so thankful.

I AM so grateful.

My life is opening up & I am allowing it.

How glorious.

I AM meant to be happy and wealthy

I feel the rightness of this, deep within & again, I say YES! I am willing to be guided

YES! I am open to love, happiness & wealth.

YES! I choose it all

this is my day!

Thank You.  Thank You.  THANK YOU!

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Much Amazing Love

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