Affirmation About Being On The Path To Peace & Plenty

By December 13, 2020February 26th, 2021Self Development

I am on my way

I feel it.

I am on my way and my highest good is unfolding all around me.

I release every obstructive thought, feeling and belief

I choose to remain a clear channel for my prosperity

I stay connected to the Divine within me and I allow myself to be guided step by step to my highest good.

I notice the blocks within me and I direct the cleansing love of the Divine towards them

I feel them easily dissolving and I feel so much lighter.

Oh yes, I am on my way.

Optimism bubbles up within me

Enthusiasm has become a darling friend.

I am so grateful for this journey

I am so grateful to know my power to create the life I desire

I am on my way.


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Much Amazing Love


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