Affirmation About Allowing True Lasting Love

By December 27, 2020March 2nd, 2021Self Development

Today, I am saying YES to love, prosperous, uplifting love
I am worthy of love, unconditional love
I am worthy of affection, attention, compassion and respect
I am loving and I am loveable
And I am no longer available for anything less than prosperous, uplifting love in all my relationships
Right now, I open myself up again to Divine love and I allow it to dissolve the disempowering meanings that I have given to any past events in my relationships
I am done with allowing all of that to control what happens next in my life
I release all the hurt and pain from the past – Dissolve it, Divine
I release and forgive myself for the mistakes I made in the past – Dissolve it, Divine
I bless and release every person in my current existence to their highest good, which may or may not have me in it
As I choose to elevate, I see all of my relationships elevating too
I awaken to a new day where true lasting love is possible
And I SAY YES to it right now.
I deserve to be loved
And I make room for it right now
I say YES YES YES to love
Thank You!
It is done!

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Much Amazing Love

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