Adventures Waiting to Happen – A simpler way to make decisions

Adventures Waiting to happen

There are so many adventures waiting to happen in your life. Will you welcome them?

Some people dither forever before making any kind of a choice and even then, they dither some more about whether it is the right choice or not.

Are you like that?

I speak to a whole lot of people who want to change aspects of their life, their finances, their health, their relationships and they seem committed to change until it comes to putting their energy and money where their mouth is.

It is always interesting to see what happens then because it gives me a closer insight into what has caused them to be in the position that led them to me in the first place.

Usually, some non-warriors are looking for a magic bullet from me. A definite ‘do this, then do that and millions will be yours’ type approach and when they do not get that, they revert back to type and dither and wonder and stay exactly where they are.

They do not recognize that the tips, tricks and strategies are useful only after a solid decision is made to experience more of life.

This is kinda sad to see.

Every person that crosses my path has HUGE potential. But it will only remain potential unless they start to make powerful decisions about the direction of their life.

I can see the power under the surface and in most cases, it has been beaten into submission by the events of their past. And yet, there is a part inside that is yelling out to be unleashed.

However, the inability to make solid decisions is holding them back.

Unfortunate, really!


Is there another way to look at decisions?

Yes, there is!

A warrior understands that no decision is completely permanent. Instead of assuming your whole happiness rides on one decision, you understand that each decision is just a an expansion of your experience of life.

If you do not like where you expand into, you can always make another choice. The dithering keeps you stuck and makes you smaller and smaller because growth in one direction or the other is always happening whether you like it or not.

You are either growing larger and inviting more abundance and wealth into your life or you are growing smaller and rejecting the abundance that is on offer.

Your happiness is not dependent on the outcome of one choice. Your happiness can be present all the time.

Make your choices simpler by choosing only what you would like to welcome into your life for this next period of time.

For instance – Instead of asking ‘Should I take the children to the cinema today?’ and then making it all about how you should be a great parent and take the time to be with them, should they be watching a screen so much etc etc.


Ask yourself if you would like to experience the cinema today with your kids – No guilt, no shame, no nothing.


Just “Would I like to experience this pleasure or event?”


Should I pay for a Facebook ad and promote my business? – this question can become all about how much money you do not have, how you do not know how to do effective ads, how you do not want to waste any money if it doesn’t work, how your partner will think you are wasting money, how your friends will think you have gone up in the world when they see your advert on Facebook and so on and so on.


Or it could simply be – You know what, there is abundance all around me and I want to welcome more of it into my life & my business – A Facebook ad may help me do that – I am going to do it and see what the result is. Simple!


Nothing is ever make or break! There is no ONE right answer.


There are just adventures waiting to happen.

Here is an invitation to experience more adventures.

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