Financial Freedom

 “Most people don’t really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”


Sigmund Freud


People talk about financial freedom, People talk about Time freedom, people talk about the freedom to be themselves in their work and play and yet when it comes down to it, it feels too hard to actually make it happen.


And that is the kicker…


It is not that you cannot get the life and business that you want but it is that when you really start to take action on what it takes to get it, you realize that it takes a whole lot fo work to make it happen.


And it is not that you are not hardworking, it is that it demands not just hard work externally, it demands a whole lot of inner work to keep moving forward when you know that the end result is not as assured as your salary when you are in a job.


It is a different kind of work and it takes a different type of intelligence to make it happen.


It is easier to stick with a job because it feels more certain, it feels more definite and most of the time, it really is more certain and definite.


Except of course when you get made redundant or fired or something like that. But generally, life is predictable in a job, not always the case when you are setting up a business.
It is easier to do a business in an industry that has been proven even though you have a heart to do more music or art or write a book because again, it feels more certain, more definite and people will understand what you are selling more.


The thing about certainty and security is that you are ultimately giving up responsibility.


You are giving up responsibility for creating a life and business that you actually love. You settle, you just keep plodding along because it feel more secure and you have bills to pay and debts to pay off etc.


And yet, by making that choice, you are saying goodbye to all of the potential within you.


You are saying that you are not enough.


You are saying that what you value is not really that important.


You are telling your Maker that there is a mistake in the way you were made.


And I am telling you that you are enough.


The way you are created is not a mistake. The dreams you carry in yoru heart are there for a reason. And even though it seems scary to leave the certainty of your job, your regular, everyday business – It is possible to find a way to do what you dream of doing.


The question is will you take responsibility for learning all you need to learn, implementing consistently all you need to implement and choosing to put yourself out there in the world.


I hope you do because we are here for a reason, we are here for a reason and as you live your life & build a business that suits you, Life becomes fun and you serve the world and make a difference.


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